2nd Letter of the Editor to a Medium Audience

Escaping from cities. Such a madness.

Vico Biscotti
Aug 6, 2018 · 2 min read

Hi, fellows.

In the following weeks, we’re going to focus on the writer’s trend of escaping from cities.

Which is apparently nonsense, since nobody here loves crickets chirping.

In cities, you get all that you want. Exclusive restaurants, skyline from the fiftieth floor, squirrels, the best analysts around. And your zip code is eligible for Amazon Prime.

Yet, many authors seem to prefer to flee this cornucopia. They allegedly speak about minor expenses, inspiring environments, deeper human connections.

Of course, none of that makes sense, in perspective. To earn more you have to spend more, no environment can be more inspiring than Starbucks, and deeper human connections have no meaning in the dawn of robots.

Take the usual 9/5 example. I can read, write, and come and go from the office when I want. And don’t forget the salary. I can even rant about Trump on the home page of the company. Who wants to leave this?

In fact, many authors decide to buy a country house while keeping their flat in the city, especially those who self-published for the first time and are still unsure about their incomes.

Anyway, that form of escapism is a fact, and we want to understand more. That’s why we’ll select a couple of stories about famous white women and thought reading devices. We’ll analyze your claps so to discover why you want to escape in the country.

They explained to me all the technicalities of this proven method of getting feedback, but I didn’t understand anything, so I plan to write a post about it. Featured, of course. I prefer the layout of featured stories. So glam.

Bye, sweeties!

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inside Blogging

Unofficial insights on blogging.