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About Writing and Money

In the remote case you’re interested in both writing and money, here are some posts that you may have missed recently.

Two are from Travis Hubbard, one who made real money in the in-person life:

A $2,000 Month On Medium
No tricks, no training, and little writing experience. I think I’m screwed.

My Medium Earnings Update — August 2020
We should all strive to be more transparent.

From Jeff Barton, a piece about reading time. Humorous but, unfortunately, not that much on Medium:

How to Make 14 Trillion Dollars per Month on Medium
My no-fail formula for 428-minute reads.

If you’re looking into affiliate marketing, Andrey Novoselov writes based on his experience:

How to Earn on Affiliate Marketing
The entry barrier in the affiliate market is low, so newcomers can still do well earning thousands of dollars.

But since most of our money is made on Medium (ehem…), better to keep an eye on the numbers of the MPP too, especially from August, when the riches seems to get richer:

Peeping at the Numbers of the Medium Partner Program
Numbers and aftermath of one of the most attractive Medium features at August 2020.

Have a profitable reading.

Vico Biscotti



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