I Wrote My First 2500 Words Post

When writing is not about easiness.

Photo by Jean Bach on Unsplash

A few weeks ago, I wrote my first 2500 words post. And, on the same day, I was still writing this same post, that I’m editing now. And I could go on with the other ideas I had in the while.

Pretty unusual, for me. And the most curious part is that it didn’t come that easy.

When you share a story about yourself, words flow. When you write about an event, words come even easier.

But that was not my case.

On the contrary, I had to force my writing. I put writing on the top in my day, like I usually do when I really want to write. But that wasn’t enough.

I have nearly 300 good ideas, already stored in my system, to pick from, but I wasn’t inspired to start any of them, and I leave the editing of drafts to when I’ve no time for first-time drafts. So, I walked around in search of inspiration, and I found it.

But the topic was too large.

I suspended the draft and picked one single point of it.

That point was complex too, and I forced myself to plan the post before starting to write.

Then, I started elaborating.

It was a point dear to me, but complex. I interrupted for lunch. It took maybe four hours. Then, the draft was there, waiting for edit.

The curious part for me is that being productive wasn’t about starting to write, nor being inspired, nor about words flowing, nor about getting up at 5 am.

It’s been hard to begin, hard to plan, hard to write. But the topic was good and I wanted that post. And the 2500 words came. Effort was the key.

It’s not the first time I write more than a thousand words. I’ve written much more, in other writings, but always in more than one session or it was some tech writing which needed little creativity.

It’s the first time I write a post of 2500 words — and of 2500 intense words — that I’m proud to share, and that can be referred.

Writing is not always easy. In my case, I should say that it’s rarely easy.

But like anything else, success has little to do with easiness and much more to do about not surrendering.