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My Social Media Quest

Some social media are harder to crack than others, but they all come with rewards

Make me smile (Pic: Rawpixel — Pixabay)


Posting on Tumblr as a newbie is like attending a party where everyone ignores you and you have no clue how to get their attention and start a conversation.

My blog on Tumblr


That’s also how you can find your followers faster. You do, however, need to post regularly. I don’t and that’s clear from the abysmal numbers below.

My Google+ collections


Many of the followers on Twitter come from Medium (and vice versa) so it’s highly advisable to have an active Twitter account if you are also using Medium.

Check the ‘Who to follow’ suggestion on my Twitter profile today ;)


Pinterest thus takes less effort in return for a longer lasting effects than most other platforms. It doesn’t hurt to have an account there and you don’t have to invest that much time into maintaining it, so why not indeed.

My Pinterest boards


The best part of Facebook, at least from a writer’s point of view, are groups.

My Facebook groups


The main point of LinkedIn is to be there so that people who are looking for someone with your expertise (e.g. writing) in a certain area can find you. That’s how I already got a gig with no extra effort.

My LinkedIn account


I’m still trying to develop my approach to see what works best on this highly specific type of platform, though. It’s growing in popularity, so I will definitely keep it up.

I’m only starting on Instagram

In conclusion



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