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My Uncurated Top 10 Stories

Of my top 10 stories, only one has been curated by Medium.

One of the top tips to Medium writers for their success is addressing the curation requirements.

And that advice is not bad, at least from a particular perspective. Kissing asses has always been good advice for careers.

Except when it’s not for you.

The best part of any advice is that you can ignore it, go your way, and, of course, accept the consequences.

The consequence of not following that advice is that your way on Medium becomes hard, maybe at the point of being impossible to get results.

More or less like it happens for any job, especially temporary jobs.

It depends on how you measure “results”, I know, but we all need visibility, and Medium curators have the keys for visibility on Medium.

What they do not say, is that curation does not much in itself.

The real key for visibility, on Medium, is being featured. And, for that, you must either be exceptional or kiss hard.

Well, let’s go straight to the point. I’ve had several stories curated — because by chance they met Medium taste — but that didn’t boost my writing career at all, nor my views, more than other factors. Of my top 10 stories, only one has been curated. Curation didn’t take any of my stories to the top of the list, and views have been hard gained over time.

Sorting by views, only one story curated (and one — the sixth — “picked” for a few days in the pre-MPP era):

Sorting by reads, the same thing:

Sorting by read ratio, curated are just out:

I don’t keep track of my top earners in the MPP (and Medium doesn’t help with that sort of stats), but at a glance, the same would be true for that list too.

To get your writing viewed and appreciated, you just need to focus on three things: you (first), your audience (second), your channels (third).

You first, because you have to write something worth it. Either you find it in yourself, your journey, your own purpose, and your skills or it’s crap.

Second, your audience, because if you don’t meet their needs and their eyes — independently of Medium curators — it won’t have wings. You must be aware of what is your potential and identity in front of your readers, and to be active and purposeful in the community that you’re addressing.

Third, your channels, because without a means of reaching new readers and the feed of the existing ones, your writing will be read by a few of your fellows, and then rot where you put it. You need containers, partners, techniques. But Medium won’t do that work for you.

Medium curation is a plus. If your writing is already in line with Medium taste, go for it. Else, it’s a distraction.



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