Vico Biscotti
Jun 15 · 3 min read

For a couple of months, I’ve been active on Narrative, which is a new content platform.

While I’ve been active on Medium for two years, my average earnings there have usually been less than $40. I’m not good at fitting — nor at willing to fit — in their editorial line.

Now, I received this mail from Narrative:

15,540 NRVE currently convert into $157.

That’s my profile on Narrative, now:

Okay, I won’t fly to Tokyo with that, but any blogger knows that more than zero is something.

The term “convert” sounds intimidating, for those not used to crypto, but you shouldn’t worry. I’m not a crypto-nerd, nor are most of the writers there. If you’re interested in crypto, you can play with that, if you’re interested in just writing, NRVE just converts into actual money.

Now, my feelings with that mail were conflicting.

On one side, that money means that something is real, over there. I’m not overly productive, I’m not the one who publishes two times per day, nor I’m a serial publisher of cat photos. I happen to write also poetry. Yes. Poetry. Yet, I got money for poems too.

On the other side, the platform is still in beta, and also some fundamental aspects don’t convince me. A fully functioning beta, but a lot has to be improved, and you can’t withdraw your rewards until July 2019. Also, the “community governance” and the crypto economy made me raise my eyebrows already.

I’ve been skeptical about the platform, during my test period. And I’m still so. Like I am about any platform, at present. But it seems that the thing is real, at least from some points of view.

The team is active and present. The contrary of Medium.

The community is heterogeneous but mostly composed of talented bloggers and thoughtful people. I immediately connected with several interesting persons. You can meet some troll and hater too. Or someone there out of greediness. That’s the toll to pay. But the level of the community is high.

The tech can be improved, but it’s nice, and it works.

The money has been proved to be there.

So, a few dozens of bucks won’t convince me, but are enough to tell that’s a real thing, which deserves a try.

See you there!

Originally published at on June 15, 2019.

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Unofficial insights on blogging.

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inside Blogging

Unofficial insights on blogging.

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