A Glimpse of Kopdar Akbar 2018: an Inclusive Seller Gathering from Bukalapak

an opening speech from Achmad Zaky, the CEO of Bukalapak (Saturday, November 24th 2018)

It was around 8 PM if I am not mistaken, when the MC announced the first winner of some awardees in awarding night session of Kopdar Akbar 2018, I was sitting at the corner, 2–3 feet from the entrance door, no body notice me I guess but from where I sat I could see clearly what happened on the stage. People started to clapping and noises came from every corner of the hall when the winners went to the stage. Suddenly my heart getting warmer, so does my eyes. I cried.

I cried not because my feet hurt after stood for hours since 6 AM, nor because my throat in pain after screaming all morning when handling the registration process. I cried because I got overwhelmed. So much joy, so much happiness, my introvert soul couldn’t stand that yet I would love to absorb them all.

Those winners on the stage and other sellers who came all the way from their city or district, from Sabang to Papua, brought so much positive energy in Kopdar Akbar 2018, an annual event where Bukalapak’s seller communities from all across Indonesia came and gathered to celebrate their contribution, achievement, expanding their network, and getting closer with Bukalapak.

I knew some of them because I went to some of their cities where we conducted workshops and I could tell from their face and their stories how happy they were to be here. Kopdar Akbar Bukalapak is not just an event, not just an annual gathering, it is a celebration for everyone who has been involved in developing these seller communities, a milestone to reminds us of how far we’ve become. Started with cycling club and keep growing with help of Community Management and Bukalapak itself till now we have more than 5.000 members in more than 120 cities and districts.

Kopdar Akbar 2018 is different with other seller community-gathering event. What makes us different:

1. Open for Public, not only Bukalapak’s Sellers

Mr. Fajrin, the President of Bukalapak, sharing about the future of Bukalapak

As a person who in charged in managing the whole registration process, I can tell that not only Bukalapak’s seller who came to attend the event, but there were also non seller participants, such as university students and others who curious about entrepreneurship and Bukalapak.

2. Not just a Seller Gathering

More than half of workshop participants in the above picture are Person With Disabilities (PWDs).

The aims of this event weren’t only to be a platform for every seller from across Indonesia to meet and getting know each other, not only to see Gigi’s performance, not only to know Bukalapak closer by presenting the CEO or President of Bukalapak. Kopdar Akbar Bukalapak was aiming to be a one day meaningful event where everyone, especially the seller, could learn more from the experts through 9 (nine) classes that hosted in the afternoon. An event where sellers and others could see what Bukalapak will bring to the next game in the foreseeable future through some talks from some management of Bukalapak, including Mr. Fajrin, the President of Bukalapak. Last but not least, to appreciate every single member of the seller community who have contributed in developing their respective communities.

Above picture shows Om Rangga, a ranger (community leader) from Blitar sharing about how being a member of community helped him growing his business as well as himself as a person. This is one of the moments where I was touched. As a person who never spoke in front of huge audiences, never accross in his mind that he would be able to speak in front of more than 1.000 people on the huge stage(trust me it’s freaking huge stage). After joined the public speaking training that provided by Community Management, I, myself could tell the different and I bet to say that I felt like attending a TED talk. It was that good. Good job, Om Rangga!

3. It’s Inclusive

An interpreter during the whole conference, seminars and workshops were provided.

We believe that being entrepreneur is everyone’s right, including Person With Disabilities (PWDs) and Women, therefore Kopdar Akbar 2018 provided interpreters during the event and the workshop, as well as a day care for parents.

I wouldn’t say Kopdar Akbar Bukalapak 2018 as the best seller-gathering event in Indonesia (since I have nothing to be compared with), but I dare to say this is the most thoughtful event that I ever attended (and I feel proud to be part of it).

The talents and brains behind Kopdar Akbar 2018: the one and only Bukalapak’s Community Management Team.

This writing is dedicated to my team, the Community Management for working so hard in planning, organizing, and orchestrating the event and of course the seller community itself. Some of us working so close with the sellers and develop a wonderful engagement to the degree they know the seller’s birthday, attended their wedding or any precious moment in their life, some of us created beautiful contents to keep the communities updated, some of us strive to establish partnerships with potential stakeholders so that the community and us can carry out meaningful community development activities, and some of us construct curriculum and program that can increase the capacity and capability of each member of the community in order to be a better entrepreneur and leader in their businesses.

Thank you for your hard work and see you in Kopdar Akbar Bukalapak 2019!

P.S.: If you are curious about the seller community of Bukalapak and how it helps Bukalapak in terms of business, I’ve shared my thoughts here.