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Are we able to use the data effectively today, when the data is now our superhero? Can we overcome the difficulties associated with the processing of big data and as a result can we understand what the data tells us and take the necessary actions in the light of this information? If we cannot intelligently process the data we have, we cannot identify the points that hinder the development of our business, understand the trends that affect us, and take right actions to correct the course.

Traditional alarm mechanisms send alerts when a critical parameter or parameters that we consider important reach a threshold value, and in fact at this stage, the effects of the problem (s) on our work have started to manifest themselves. If we do not effectively track the pulse of the data, our forecasts will be inaccurate. It will cause us to experience both monetary and other losses. More importantly, if we cannot get the right information from the data at the right time, we will miss out on many profitable and valuable opportunities ahead.

CrunchMetrics — Anomaly Detection powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Today, I will talk about CrunchMetrics — an advanced anomaly detection system. By combining AI-ML based techniques and statistical methods, CrunchMetrics carefully analyzes the data and informs us of events that could deeply affect our business. It helps us to know the unknown, to identify hard-to-detect anomalies, to identify new areas to invest in, to stay profitable, to discover new opportunities, to focus on trends, to find critical events related to your business — all in real-time. In addition, it is a powerful scalable SaaS platform with a pay-as-you-go model. Of course, an on-premise version can also be installed.

The CrunchMetrics Advantage

Strengths of the CrunchMetrics platform include automatic real-time detection, AI and ML-powered, self-learning algorithms, complete integration, and flexible exit points.

Using anomaly detection to remain competitive despite decreasing margins and increasing cost pressures in the telecom industry will have many benefits. The advantages, however, are not restricted just to the Telecom vertical. Thanks to advanced anomaly detection, you can make your retail and e-commerce business more profitable and catch up with new trends. Likewise, it is very important to detect abnormalities for FinTech companies. Although the platform mainly addresses these three sectors (telecom, retail/e-commerce, Fintech), it is a vertical agnostic platform that solves numerous use cases in many other industry verticals.

Instead of threshold-based alerts to measure the health and effectiveness of a business, it would be much more accurate to look at the contextual abnormalities that allow timely and effective identification of the hidden trends in our data.

Before our business is badly affected, I think it should be our goal to identify abnormalities almost in real-time and do the needful to minimize the impact of those abnormalities on the business.

It is also possible to increase our profitability by discovering the hidden opportunities from our data. You can discover new possibilities with automatic data analysis supported by augmented analytics techniques.

Get powerful insights from raw data in real-time

As a result of the rapid digitalization of industries, the volume of data that is generated on a day-to-day basis has increased tremendously. The amount of data collected in the past decade is now created in almost a few hours. Firms make an intense effort to capture and store this data. However, when we thoroughly investigate what has been done with this data, we see that the mechanisms for using such a large amount of data in a timely and effective manner are not fully structured. Complex BI tools that help turn data into meaningful information are of course available, but today, at the volumes and speed at which data is produced, you need an AI-driven solution that not just dynamically monitors data but makes contextual sense of it.

CrunchMetrics is a platform that provides ‘Business Discovery’ thanks to the anomaly detection mechanisms supported by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies. It helps to pinpoint the opportunities and incidents that are almost impossible to identify with traditional methods. CrunchMetrics learns from historical data to understand and determine what ‘normal’ behavior is. It then constantly monitors data flows to detect ‘abnormal’ patterns, which it describes as abnormalities. It also analyzes these anomalies in a contextual way and correlates anomalies with different data signals in the organization to see if it’s really a business-critical event. Identified events are generated in real-time and triggered to act quickly by ensuring that stakeholders are informed instantly, thereby minimizing the impact of anomalies effectively.

Thanks to CrunchMetrics’ automatic, real-time anomaly detection capability, large and complex data sets can be processed without errors, enabling full-time anomaly detection with real-time analytics and alarm generation.

Thanks to its AI and ML capabilities, CrunchMetrics, gains the ability to interpret existing data and obtain meaningful and thematic information, which can be applied to many different uses.

Here are some of the key advantages of the platform:

1. Powered by self-learning algorithms

Powered by self-learning algorithms, CrunchMetrics distinguishes itself with its ability to automatically evolve and evolve according to insights from each new event. As the database grows, the number of patterns discovered also increases, resulting in more accurate and consistent outputs.

2. Seamless integration

With the seamless integration feature of CrunchMetrics, it integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, whether data warehouse or complex BI system. This integration is achieved through basic and simple mechanisms such as web services or APIs.

3. Flexible output channels

With flexible output channels, CrunchMetrics can feed your existing different workflow systems with its outputs. You can take advantage of the built-in, intuitive, easy-to-use GUI, as well as direct the output to your existing workflow systems or call systems. As a complementary solution to fraud detection, you can also integrate it with leading fraud detection systems to detect an anomaly.

4. Vertical agnostic

Whether it is Telecom, Retail, FinTech, or any other leading vertical, thanks to its vertical agnostic solutions, CrunchMetrics can provide sufficient areas of use where it can help you discover high-value business events with anomaly detection.

Anomaly detection approach of CrunchMetrics

Figure 1. Anomaly detection approach of CrunchMetrics

In Figure 1, we can see the approach used by CrunchMetrics for anomaly detection. As we mentioned earlier, normal behavior is determined first, anomalies are then discovered based on historical data, correlations are made with other data sources for a more consistent result and necessary information is given about the anomalies that will affect the business as a result.

About Gantek and CrunchMetrics

Gantek Technology is one of the oldest and most reputable systems integrators within ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) industry and a global company with operations in more than 10 countries. CrunchMetrics is part of Subex Digital LLP, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Subex Limited.

We, at Gantek have been working with Subex for years about income assurance, fraud management, and interconnection billing solutions in the telecom industry. Our trust in Subex combined with the strength of the product drove our efforts to add CrunchMetrics into our portfolio. At Gantek, we can give you a customized demo of CrunchMetrics, and initiate PoC studies specific to the usage areas that you determine, or we can suggest them for you.

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Inside CrunchMetrics is a publication that covers everything you need to know about data-driven growth. We feature the best practices, tips, and real-life lessons from industry leaders who leverage AI/ML to monitor, manage, and scale growth. Stay tuned for useful insights on AI.

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CrunchMetrics is an automated real-time Anomaly Detection system, that leverages the #AI/ML-based techniques to sift through your data to identify incidents.

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