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Introducing NoCodeX

No-code is making waves around the world — let’s get surfing!

tl;dr — We’re building the next Microsoft Access and we’re looking for a superstar CTO and two founding engineers.

At eFounders, we have been building software companies for 10 years now. We’ve seen the rise of the no-code wave from the inside, which we like to split into two categories:

  • Full no-code tools — we call them “builders” (app-builders, website builders, workflow builders, etc)
  • No-code powered SaaS — native, highly configurable software (among them our portfolio companies Forestadmin, Slite, Front, Yousign, Cycle, Folk, Crew, Kairn)

We strongly believe that this is just the beginning.

Looking closer, we’ve noticed that most of the real working use cases for “no-code builders” are for building internal tools: think custom ERP, CRM, CSM, HR, Finance, Project management, etc.

In these use cases, the no-code applications are built on applications such as Airtable, Notion, Bubble, Coda, Zapier, Forestadmin, Retool, Integromat and often replace either large custom internal applications or smaller internal applications built on Excel/Access/Macros VBA/G-Sheet.

Yet, most of the builders mentioned above are very generic and have thus fundamental limitations when it comes to building powerful internal tools.

As companies ramp up their use of SaaS and experience their data scattered across multiple sources, the interest in building custom systems on top of the existing IT layer becomes obvious. We believe the share of in-house software will increase significantly, and will not be limited to prototyping or edge use cases. Companies need more software and more flexibility to run their operations perfectly.

This trend will be accelerated by the emergence of a new function in companies. Similarly to what is happening with data specialists and developers, who are becoming ubiquitous in all teams, the role of “maker” or “internal tool builder” will become a must-have in almost every team and will replace the people who were creating excel macros or making the functional specs of in-house software in the past.

We’re super excited to partner with Julien to build NoCodeX — for those who have been following eFounders for a while now, you know the “X” behind a generic name is the code name for something new we’re cooking.

Julien possesses deep expertise in the no-code space and we share the same ambition to build the perfect tool that makers and product builders will use to improve the operations of their companies.

The opportunity is huge, the challenge super exciting, and our ambition has no limits.

If you share this excitement with us, if you think that code and no-code are complementary, if you believe companies deserve better and customized applications to run their operations, come and build the future with us! 🚀🚀🚀

We’re currently looking for a tech co-founder, and two senior founding engineers.

Huge technical challenge expected, both on the back-end and the front-end. Plus we will unveil one good easter egg when we meet!

Indicative stack:

  • Front-End: React, Typescript
  • Back-end: node JS
  • CoreEngine: AWS Lambda, Serverless Framework
  • Infra: AWS, Terraform




We’re the startup studio building the future of work. We inspire new ways of working and have launched over 30 companies including Front, Aircall, Spendesk, and Slite.

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