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Station (eF17) Completes Y Combinator’s 2018 Winter Batch

Station, the app to rule them all, participated in Y Combinator’s 2018 winter batch. They launched publicly last October, obtaining a wild 6,6k upvotes on Product Hunt — making them the #5 most upvoted product of all time — and catching TechCrunch’s eye. Station is the 4rd company out of eFounders to make it into the prestigious incubator from Mountain View (after Front, eF14 and Hivy, eF16), and the 2nd in the Winter 2018 batch (after Slite, eF17)!

So… What’s the Pitch?

Station is the first smart workstation for busy people. It regroups any professional’s most-used work apps in a single smart dock, it unifies search across content from all sources, and tailors notifications to meet each user’s needs. Station offers more than just a workflow improvement: with new collaborative features to be released in 2018, Station aims to offer an all-encompassing work environment for modern companies to simplify their relationship to the many software solutions they depend on to get work done.

It’s already drastically changed the daily lives of thousands of users, who spend an average of 6 hours a day and 4 days a week using it. Coming out of 3 months spent in the highly demanding YC ecosystem, Station is aiming for even greater growth and virality in the product.

The Roadmap for YC

The entire Station team spent the quarter in Mountain View, setting ambitious objectives to carry the powerful traction they experienced in 2017 into a growth-machine. Their first focus: delivering intuitive collaboration to the revamped work environment that earned them praise from their users and the ecosystem at large. Their second focus: to open up Station to third-party developers, allowing partners to build on top of Station and enrich the immersive Station-experience.

Founders Alexandre Lachèze and Julien Berthomier are also taking the opportunity to build relationships with the network of advisors and mentors offered by YC as well as with the vast majority of the SaaS-ecosystem located in the Bay Area. It’s without a doubt one of the most demanding environments in the world, and coming out of it after 3 intense months has inspired the team to aim even higher.

The Team is Pumped

Station’s founding team are among the most ambitious entrepreneurs to have walked through the studio’s door, and their team is much in there image: bold, driven by passion and a unique vision. The team, which is already comprised of 1 marketer and 3 software engineers, are thrilled to have been a part of the YC adventure and will be looking to put the Station name on the map for all the world to see. They are, after all, the one app to rule them all…

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