4 Myths About The mytaxi Rebrand to FREE NOW

Joey Tong
Joey Tong
Sep 11 · 3 min read

It’s officially been 2 months since our rebrand from mytaxi to FREE NOW, and we’ve seen quite a few speculations and misconceptions floating around on the internet. We believe now’s a good time to bust some of these myths, starting with…

Myth 1: The service is free now

In a perfect world, everything would be free and no one would have to work. Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in, and we need to earn money in order to keep coming up with cool mobility solutions for everyone. We’re definitely not giving out 100% free trips (unless you’re a FREE NOW employee with monthly allowance 😉), BUT we are working on making them more affordable for our users!

Myth 2: Our team sat at a round table and decided to rebrand just for laughs

We must admit that our users are extremely creative…but here’s the real backstory behind the name change. We recently joined a new family — the YOUR NOW family, born out of the joint venture between two mobility giants, Daimler and BMW. In it, you’ll find REACH NOW (Multimodal), CHARGE NOW (Charging), SHARE NOW (Car-sharing), PARK NOW (Parking), and FREE NOW (that’s us). Each of these verticals play a key role in Daimler and BMW’s vision of revolutionizing the urban mobility industry.

“But what does FREE NOW actually mean?,” you ask.

The ‘free’ in FREE NOW stands for freedom of mind — being liberated from the stress, complexities and constraints of going from A to B.

In order to give our users the freedom of mind, we need to provide a transportation service that is safe, reliable and flexible.

Myth 3: We’re getting rid of taxis

Our taxi drivers are a crucial part of our business model and we believe taxis are one of the most convenient and accessible modes of transportation — so no, we’re not getting rid of them. Instead, we’re working towards becoming a multi-mobility platform. This means that we aim to provide a variety of transportation modes within the app so that you can have the flexibility to choose how to get from A to B according to your personal means and preferences.

Myth 4: We did it because we are ‘losing market share’

The rebrand was a result of the joint venture between Daimler and BMW. While we’re not yet where we aim to be, we are moving closer every day to our intended destination — to be a multi-mobility platform that everybody knows and loves — and we hope you’ll join us on this ride.

Lots of love,

Your FREE NOW Team.


Joey Tong

Written by

Joey Tong


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