Joining mytaxi & moving to Hamburg

Georgia Haigh
Feb 6 · 6 min read

On a Monday morning in mid-November I found myself boarding a flight from London to Hamburg, completely unsure of what I was about to experience over the next few weeks and months. I was moving to Hamburg to work for mytaxi, having neither been to Hamburg, nor worked for mytaxi before — undoubtedly a potentially risky move. However, I thought that the opportunity to work for a rapidly growing ride-sharing company in an industry at the heart of technological change was very interesting, and so I gave little consideration to any fears that I probably should have had, and flew to Hamburg to start working at mytaxi.

Fast forward three months and I realise that I was right not to have worried too much. I was met on my first day by my mytaxi Buddy who gave me a tour of the building and introduced me to the various teams in the company’s headquarters in Hamburg. The inside of the building looks exactly as you would expect from a start-up: colourful Post-it notes everywhere, glass walls so you can see into different offices, exotic plants and crazy diagrams written on windows. Simply by walking around the building you get a sense that it is an exciting time to be at the company, but as long-term employees at mytaxi will tell you, there has never not been an exciting time to work here. The views from the office are also often stunning (mainly when it is not raining), and we are frequently treated to excellent sunsets. Occasionally, we even see some llamas walking along the road by the office too.

Me and my mytaxi buddy; an excellent sunset from the mytaxi HQ in Hamburg; Llamas spotted walking outside the mytaxi HQ!

Moving to a new city and a new country has been a relatively pain-free experience, thanks to the help given to me by mytaxi. First, mytaxi has a partnership with a relocation company who helped me with my move from London to Hamburg. Through the relocation company, I was able to live in a rent-free apartment with other mytaxi new joiners for my first month in Hamburg, and the company also helped me with some of the admin that comes with moving to a new country. For example, a person from the relocation company who speaks both German and English accompanied me to set up a bank account in Germany and also communicated with mytaxi to sort out other bureaucracy-related tasks. The relocation company does not do everything for you, but provides enough help to get you started with life in Hamburg.

More importantly, it is the welcoming attitude of my new colleagues at mytaxi that has made my time at the company in Hamburg so positive. There is a great atmosphere in the office, which makes a big difference when you are faced with starting a new job in a new country. Moving abroad has of course presented challenges, but my colleagues have been extremely helpful and friendly, which has meant that I have not felt alone or without support during my time in Hamburg so far. On average, over thirty new people join mytaxi every month from all over the world, and there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people here. For example, every week on Tuesday the whole company comes together for a mytaxi breakfast, which is a great way to get to know other people who work at mytaxi in different teams, while eating some good German food.

Central Hamburg at Christmas; another great sunset in Hamburg — this time in the city centre; more photographic evidence of Hamburg!

The pace and type of work that I have been involved in has also contributed significantly to how much I have enjoyed working at mytaxi. There are also many opportunities to learn more about the rest of the company. For example, three weeks into my time here I had the two mytaxi Onboarding days with fellow new joiners. All of my colleagues had told me that the Onboarding days were really interesting, but admittedly I was a little sceptical of just how good they would be. As the days progressed it quickly became evident that my suspicions were completely incorrect, and I actually found the two days to be both informative and fun. mytaxi new joiners from all of our offices had flown into Hamburg for the occasion and it was interesting to meet other people who were excited about working at the company. The two days included team-building activities, talks from the Senior Management Team on the company’s strategy , and plenty of time to get to know to fellow new-joiners. The best advice that I can give to anyone about to complete the two Onboarding days is to simply get stuck in. Be as enthusiastic as possible, even if you don’t initially really feel like it, as you will definitely get more out of Onboarding this way.

A few weeks after Onboarding, and as everyone started wrapping up for the Christmas break, I had the opportunity to work in the mytaxi Dublin office and then the mytaxi London office for a few days. It was helpful to be able to spend time with the Driver Operations teams in both cities, to learn more about the day-to-day activities of the teams in both locations, and I came away from my time in Dublin and London with plenty of insights that will be useful as we grow in 2019. Back in Hamburg at start of the new year, the pace of work is as fast as ever and I am intrigued to see what the next few months have in store. This is a big year for mytaxi and the ride sharing industry overall, and it will be interesting to see how the company will change over the next few months. On a more personal level, this year I have already had the opportunity to work in Lisbon, and will be working in Rome next week. It goes without saying that getting to work in different countries is definitely a highlight of my role at mytaxi.

The mytaxi Dublin office; a view of The Shard from the mytaxi London office; the view from the hotel I stayed in when working in Lisbon.

Reflecting on the past three months, no one day of work has been the same for me at mytaxi. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a range of projects in a diverse company that is at the heart of the technological changes taking place in the ride sharing industry, which has been as interesting as it has been challenging. Outside of work I am starting to properly learn German so that I can make the most of life in Hamburg — it is too easy to just rely on being able to speak English, as so many people in Hamburg speak it perfectly. Overall, starting to work at mytaxi has been a fantastic experience so far, and I can only encourage anyone else who is interested in working at mytaxi to apply also.

If you would like to see the current employment opportunities that we have available, please click the link and do not hesitate to reach out to me on LinkedIn if you have any further questions.

Georgia Haigh

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