Hannah Fuhrmann
Apr 8 · 2 min read

Meet Agnieszka who is working as our PR & Communications Manager in Poland. She is responsible for the preparation of press releases, statements, events and answering media inquiries. Together with our PA consultants, they are working on the official statement regarding draft bill on transport and mytaxi vision on the future of the industry.

1. What surprised you the most when you joined mytaxi?

The view from the Hamburg office! Also a very dynamic environment, flat hierarchies, teamwork, and family atmosphere.

2. What unique skill do you bring to mytaxi?

I have copywriting skills, so feel free to ask me for help in creating proper content :) I’m also the only PR person in the Polish team, which makes me feel very responsible for my job.

3. How do you inspire your colleagues to move forward?

I’m a positive person, very driven by my job. I prefer to find a solution, rather than to complain. I don’t like wasting my time for anything negative or that is not productive.

4. How did you grow here at mytaxi? What are you learning here?

I learned that everything is possible with the right team spirit. I also feel that I grew professionally here. By being part of the marketing team and being close to Public Affairs, I’m able to adjust my PR activities to ongoing activities what makes my job more productive. This is also a company where you can develop your creativity because mytaxi brings so many stories to tell. Starting from being an innovative platform, being an international leader in mobility, but also real “human stories” of our passengers and drivers. For example, this week we arranged the interview with our drivers who passed the qualified first aid course, who told the journalist about their experience in helping people on the road.

5. What is the culture at mytaxi like for you?

Multicultural, creative, with a great team spirit and flat hierarchies. mytaxi brings new innovative solutions but with respect to others. This is also how people treat each other here: you can think „out of the box” but be respectful at the same time.

Join Agnieszka and our team!


Articles from the teams making mobility easier

Hannah Fuhrmann

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Team Lead Employer Branding @mytaxi.


Articles from the teams making mobility easier

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