Meet the Team — Amitoj

Hannah Fuhrmann
Feb 28 · 2 min read

Meet Amitoj — one of our Software Engineer from Hamburg who is responsible for establishing techniques and processes to assure a better quality of our backend systems.

1. What surprised you the most when you joined mytaxi?

The place of growth, when I joined I talked to the people who had joined the company 2 months back or 3 months back but each one of them felt like they have been here for years. mytaxi keeps you informed about different areas of business, and you grow fast not just in your function but also in the outlook of the business overall.

2. What unique skill do you bring to mytaxi?

I believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork, everyone comes with their unique point of view that will help us to solve the problems in a better way.

3. How do you inspire your colleagues to move forward?

By being enthusiastic about each person’s contributions, helping them out in the time of need. Discussing new ideas, involving them and working together to achieve the goals.

4. How did you grow here at mytaxi? What are you learning here?

It’s been a journey full of learning all this while. I have learned to collaborate better, understand other operations and take up more responsibility. I have been able to sharpen my technical skills by a good margin, mytaxi uses latest technologies at work, and we have the full freedom to use the tools, we feel are useful for our work. I am learning how to efficiently automate the testing for the backends of mytaxi microservices, using the best techniques possible.

5. What is the culture at mytaxi like for you?

mytaxi is extremely diverse, we have colleagues from all over the world and yet it feels so much in unity. You feel like the part of something big, something innovative and revolutionizing and at the time you feel part of a big family. That what makes mytaxi culture standout.

Want to learn more? Come and join Amitoj at mytaxi.


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Hannah Fuhrmann

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The latest news and stories by the FREE NOW team

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