Meet the Team — Clara Wehber

Emily Alice
Oct 29 · 2 min read
Clara enjoys spending her free-time with her horse

Meet Clara, our Talent Sourcing Specialist from the People Department at FREE NOW. Clara focuses on sourcing tech talents from around the globe and building up a TRM (talent relationship management) structure for our Talent Acquisition Department.

What surprised you the most when you joined FREE NOW?

There are two things that really surprised me; firstly, the amount of fun you can have at work whilst still being super professional. Secondly, the international culture — we have more than 68 nationalities. That’s mind-blowing!

What are you passionate about?

On a professional level; I love to explore new sourcing and recruiting strategies and build up strong relationships with great people. On a personal level; definitely my horse! I’ve had my horse for twelve years now and I love spending time in the stable.

The FREE NOW team on their way to a conference

What unique skill or personality trait do you bring to FREE NOW?

I believe that I am able to talk to different types of people, which is important both within the tasks I have and also in the international environment I work in.

How have you grown at FREE NOW?

I joined FREE NOW in 2017 as an intern. After my internship and spending a few months in Uganda working on a research project, I rejoined FREE NOW as a working student. Fast forward to after I finished my studies, I was so happy to be offered the job as Talent Sourcing Specialist. I’m proud of everything that we’ve achieved as a team and I’m thankful for all the support that I received during my time here.

All smiles at a tech event this year

What is the culture at FREE NOW like for you?

At FREE NOW, I experience a culture of openness and tolerance every day. I really appreciate that you can be yourself and that this is valued. People are empowered to think outside of the box and be innovative.

Would you like to work in a similar environment? Check out the range of jobs available across our offices in Europe here.


The latest news and stories by the FREE NOW team

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The latest news and stories by the FREE NOW team

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