Meet the Team: Jamie

Emily Alice
Aug 14 · 3 min read
Jamie and Winston: the dynamic duo from our IT Helpdesk

Meet Jamie!

Jamie is an IT helpdesk agent at FREE NOW in our Hamburg office. He is responsible for resolving any IT issues that our colleagues have and prepare hardware for new members of staff across Germany and Austria.

What surprised you the most when you joined FREE NOW?

I was most surprised by the friendly atmosphere. Everyone is so open, willing to help and always ready to have a laugh, which makes each day at work more enjoyable.

What unique skill or personality trait do you bring to FREE NOW?

I bring a problem-solving mindset to FREE NOW, quickly diagnosing faults and solving them as soon as possible to keep all my colleagues happy and able to work.

What have you learnt that you did not know one year ago?

I have developed a lot as a person in many different areas since being at FREE NOW. I’ve learnt how to navigate and work Mac products in a short space of time, having had little experience with them in the past. My team has helped me to develop different skills and techniques- without them, my transition from Windows to Mac would not have been this smooth!

Making the most of sunshine in Hamburg

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about new technology. At FREE NOW, we are working towards a future of electric, autonomous vehicles, which will be an extremely positive influence in contributing to the global warming predicament we are currently in.

Who is your furry partner in crime?

This is Winston, our resident Helpdog and Feel Good Manager at FREE NOW.
Winston has been with me in the office since my second day and he is loved by everyone. It’s nice to have him around because he always wants to play and when anyone comes to the helpdesk, Winston is extremely happy to meet new people, play with everyone or be stroked- he just loves the attention!

How did you grow here at FREE NOW? What are you learning here?

Personally, I have grown so much at FREE NOW; moving out of my family home, moving abroad, starting to learn a new language and getting to grips with city life have made this a huge adventure for me.
Professionally, I have learnt new skills and new software which will help me to become a more rounded and agile IT professional.

What is the culture at FREE NOW like for you?

The culture at FREE NOW is something I have never experienced before. Although I am interacting with people from a variety of countries and backgrounds, we are all united by our friendly personalities. There is a happy buzz around the office because we all love what we are doing and are all treated equally.

Would you like to work with Jamie and Winston? Check out our open opportunities in Hamburg and across Europe here.


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The latest news and stories by the FREE NOW team

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