Meet the Team: Sophia

Emily Alice
Nov 19 · 4 min read

Meet Sophia!

Sophia is a Talent Engagement & Coordination Specialist in our Hamburg HQ.

What is your role and how long have you been at FREE NOW?

I started working at FREE NOW about two years ago as a Talent Engagement & Coordination Specialist in our People Department in Hamburg.

Currently, I am taking care of coordinating the whole recruiting process for our candidates for the Barcelona tech hub. I work very closely together with our tech departments and our recruiters and in addition, I am also responsible for several HR projects. This suits me- I’m always looking for new challenges.

What accomplishment are you proud of what you have achieved since working for FREE NOW?

What I am really proud of is that I was part of setting up our growing tech hub in Barcelona. When I got involved in the recruiting process for the Barcelona team two years ago, the team was made up of only twenty people. We had to set up a proper structure from scratch for our recruiting process, which was sometimes quite challenging as there were always new topics to deal with. Until now we managed to recruit more than one hundred people in a very fast yet efficient way. Seeing all of the people I’ve been in contact with during the recruiting process now settled in and working now in our office makes me feel very proud.

Afterworks in summer are for making the most of Hamburg sunshine.

What has been your best memory in the past year?

This question is quite difficult to answer as there were a lot of memorable moments at FREE NOW. I would say the most memorable time was the rebranding period from mytaxi to FREE NOW. We went through so many exciting changes that we managed to solve in hypergrowth timelines. I learned so much during this time, seeing the brand grow and being involved from the HR perspective was a very memorable time for me at mytaxi / FREE NOW which I am pretty sure won’t experience in any other company again.

What do you find fascinating about Talent Engagement and Coordination?

From the very first day when I started working at FREE NOW there was no day like the other, seriously. Working here at FREE NOW in the People Department in such a dynamic and agile environment makes your daily work very challenging. Especially in my role, it is always about solving problems, finding solutions for situations that you never had to deal with before and being open to new things. This makes my job super exciting but also challenging at the same time.

Birthdays are a big deal at FREE NOW

How have you grown in the last year?

Here at FREE NOW there are no limits when it comes to your personal development and growth. That’s what I have experienced since the first day when I started here. I showed interest and was proactively looking for new topics, even though these tasks were not directly linked to my role or profile. So I took more responsibility working on several new Talent Aquisition projects and dealing with new and unfamiliar tasks that I never did before together with also taking the risk to make mistakes, which is also an important part of developing yourself. It was a lot of learning by doing.

If you are willing to take ownership and be open for more, then everything is
possible here at FREE NOW.

What is your favourite thing about working at FREE NOW?

Definitely the people. Working in such an open-minded, welcoming and creative company culture with so many different nationalities and personalities makes this workplace unique. I feel really inspired being surrounded by so collaborative people with such a creative mindset. Everyone here at FREE NOW is always happy to help and to jump in whenever needed. I’ve never experienced anything like this in other companies I’ve worked at before.

Would you like to work in a dynamic environment like Sophia’s? Check out the open opportunities in our Hamburg HQ and across our European offices that we have available here.


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The latest news and stories by the FREE NOW team

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