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FREE NOW and &Charge become partners!

Building new habits

It’s all about building new habits. How difficult is it for you to give up your good old diesel car? To be honest it’s probably something you don’t even want to think about. But it’s an option you should definitely consider. How many speed limit fines did you get this year? How long did it take you to park your car near the theatre last Saturday? And how much does your Gen Z teen at home talk about Fridays for future and how we need to change our everyday life habits?

In 2020, to live in an urban area means availability of choices, freedom of movement at any time of the day: from North to South; from the inner to the outskirt of the city; from the comfort of coming back home dry when it’s pouring outside; to the airport drive that saves you time and muscle pain because of your overweight luggage. It’s also being able to choose the convenient and safest options particularly during this worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. Brains are working on finding you solutions.

Today we announce the partnership between FREE NOW and &Charge in Germany. As you might know, FREE NOW provides a wide variety of services from ride-hailing to e-scooters, e-bikes and most recently car sharing namely in Hamburg and Berlin. FREE NOW gives you the freedom of choice to travel your paths exactly how you want to, whenever you want to. It’s all in one app at the tip of your finger. As a reliable and convenient partner, we chose to collaborate with &Charge to make your life easier.

&Charge is a green-tech company which operates a multi-sided platform for electric mobility and sustainable mobility concepts. They work with partners like FREE NOW to build the first service of free sustainable mobility: &Charge has developed a loyalty system for electric-vehicle (EV) drivers. As an EV driver you can shop with partners online and offline and get a kickback of bonus points (so called “kilometres”). This mechanism has been extended to further user groups in terms of sustainable mobility concepts. For example, while charging your car for free you can easily spend those kilometres on other mobility solutions such as FREE NOW — an incentive to support some greener transportation modes.

Electric-Vehicles (EVs) and new ways of mobility

&Charge’s unique concept brings together electric-vehicle drivers, environmentally conscious customers and mobility providers to help build the new landscape of urban mobility. Sustainable mobility is a real challenge and &Charge wants to tackle it. Their goal: create a future full of mobility options to help you make the right choice and guess what — build new habits.

“We are very excited about this cooperation. FREE NOW is one of the European pioneers in ride-hailing and is becoming gradually the One-Stop-Shop for various mobility services. We look forward to joining forces in particular to accelerate the change to new ways of mobility”, said Simon Vogt, Co-founder and CSO of &Charge.

There is definitely potential — even an urgency — to accelerate the transition towards sustainable mobility and support consumers shift to electric-vehicles and new transportation modes. This year particularly, some consider the “COVID-19 crisis” as an inflection point to accelerate the transition toward sustainable mobility and developing car free areas in the major cities. In Europe particularly, it is time to amplify a more responsible mobility, giving options to urban citizens as well as organise mobility flows in a better way. The road is long but we’ll take it step by step. &Charge and FREE NOW cooperation starts now !

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