The 5 Best Jobs for Work-Life Balance

Joey Tong
Joey Tong
Sep 26 · 4 min read

Work-life balance. Everybody wants to have it. Employers claim to advocate it. The buzzword, thrusted into the spotlight due to the growing population of Millennials in the workforce, has caused educational content to spring up across different mediums. From articles (like this one), to self-help books, podcasts and how-to videos, you can find a plethora of guides on how to achieve it.

But what exactly is it, and is it really possible to attain?

Basically all of us (be honest)

A quick Google search will pull up Oxford Dictionary’s definition of the noun ‘work-life balance’ as the division of one’s time and focus between working and family or leisure activities. The Business Dictionary, on the other hand, defines work-life balance as a comfortable state of equilibrium achieved between an employee’s primary priorities of their employment position and their private lifestyle.


In whichever way it is phrased, work-life balance is actually a concept with an evolving definition, and is a little more complex than just ‘the separation of personal and professional life.’ Its meaning changes depending on who you ask — and is different to everyone — as we all have individual goals and priorities.

However, there is one thing that can be agreed upon: flexible working hours can help facilitate work-life balance.

But let’s face it — not all careers can afford the luxury of flexible working hours. Some jobs make achieving work-life balance a lot harder than others. That’s why we’ve rounded up the five best jobs for work-life balance, starting with…

1. The Freelancer

This one’s a hit among Millennials and Gen Z, simply because of the flexibility and remote work options it provides. In fact, studies have shown that younger people reportedly prefer freelancing over full-time jobs. Companies, big and small, often hire freelancers because they are more affordable and flexible, and can be commissioned when necessary.

The perks of doing freelance jobs is that you can take up projects whenever you like, and you can often work from home (in your pyjamas 😉).

Some freelance gigs might include creative jobs like writing, editing, graphic/web designing, photography and brand consulting. If you’re looking for something more administrative or technical, you could look into data entry, translating, transcribing, programming, customer service or app development.

2. The Teacher

Being an educator and passing on your knowledge to other people can be a seriously satisfying gig. Whatever it is that you are skilled or knowledgeable in, you can be sure that there are plenty of people who want to be taught. Some education jobs might include a Math or ESL (English as a second language) tutor, substitute teacher, music teacher or football coach.

The range of topics that can be taught are endless, and extends as far as make-up, drawing, DJing, cooking, gardening, woodworking and even “How to be a Social Media Influencer” 🤭

One of the perks of doing teaching jobs is the satisfaction of watching your students learn and grow!

3. The Fitness Guru

If fitness and wellness are already passions of yours, this one is a relatively easy pathway to get you on the road to achieving work-life balance. Once trained and certified, you could be a personal trainer at your favourite gym, a nutrition consultant, a yoga instructor or a wellness coach!

Very much like teaching jobs, fitness jobs are also satisfying because you get to be a part of the growth and development of your students, guiding them towards living a healthier lifestyle.

4. The Caregiver

The umbrella title of ‘caregiving jobs’ refers to any kind of job that requires helping, assisting and taking care of another living being. This includes babysitting/nannying, caregiving for the elderly and pet sitting.

Keep in mind that these jobs require (a lot of) patience, understanding, and responsibility, as well as organizational and problem-solving skills. Taking care of another living being is no easy feat, so proceed with caution as these roles are not cut out for everyone!

The Nanny knows what’s up.

5. The Driver

Being on the road is pretty great. And by on the road, we mean being a driver. You’re always enjoying a change of scenery, you constantly meet new people, you know the latest tunes and have a great playlist for every occasion, and you know where all the hidden gems are located in town. You can work as much or as little as you’d like. You’ll be able to set your schedule based on how much you want to boost your earnings. Basically, the are plenty and you are your own boss — and that’s pretty awesome.

But don’t take it from us! Take it from , Driver at FREE NOW:

“A lot of people are in 9 to 5’s — but for me, I can earn in the moments that I want to earn, but still have that family time in there. And there’s not a lot of people who can say that.”

Having access to flexible working hours can be of great help when it comes to achieving work-life balance. Time can be dedicated to do the things that matter to you, when it matters the most. Hopefully this article has inspired you to set forth on your journey to achieving work-life balance and becoming your own boss (like Keith!). 🤩


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Joey Tong

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Joey Tong


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