The formula for success is simple but not easy

Hannah Fuhrmann
Dec 11, 2019 · 3 min read

Did you ever think it’s too late to start something new? Meet Seresha, our trainee for IT-System integration who decided to do a traineeship at the age of 31 at FREE NOW. Watch his story here.

Read the full interview with Seresha below.

Why did you join FREE NOW?

Life is about setting your own goals and doing your best to achieve them. I am a goal-oriented person, so at FREE NOW, my personal mission is to make the driver app the best one in the market. From a usability and reliability perspective, I want to contribute to making this impact on the mobility market.

Seresha, IT Trainee for System Integration

What are you learning at FREE NOW in your traineeship?

So far, it’s been a huge learning curve. I’m making the most of the experience and trying to absorb as much as I can and learn about the internal systems that FREE NOW is using. Part of this is being willing to make a mistake; as long as you try something new, you will probably make a mistake. I always feel like I can ask my team for support, however as a trainee, I want to be proactive and contribute as much as I can without always requesting guidance. With this autonomy comes the trust that you will own up if anything goes wrong and own the opportunity to learn a lesson for the future.

What is your life vision?

Developing myself and constantly learning is my lifetime goal. I am strongly influenced by my grandparents, who instilled in me the importance of being humble and readiness to grind hard to reach your goals. The formula for success is simple but not easy to follow in practice: dedication, hard work, discipline, and patience are the values that my family taught me to respect and follow if I wanted to achieve in life. As a result, I would say that I am a patient and determined person. I always try to be myself at work and I love the team spirit we have in internal IT here. The general motto is to work hard but don’t take life too seriously. It really makes me feel comfortable and that we are all part of a team, which makes even the tough days a lot of fun.

What do you do to take your mind off things?

When the going gets tough, I do boxing for a release. Boxing has shaped me a lot; it taught me to be focused, to be relentless, to always make progress and to never give up. It also makes me feel relaxed and calm, which helps me a lot in my daily life and work. At the end of the day, boxing taught me that I never really fight an opponent; I battle with myself and my own flaws. Similarly to the rhythmic art of boxing, music symbolizes another rhythm of life that you can dance to. A book that really influenced me is ‘The Physician’ by Noah Gordon. It’s a story about a young boy growing up who becomes a person who is dedicated to helping others; this reminds me a lot of my father, who is also a “Medicus” character and makes me realize how much he influences who I am today.

What are you passionate about?

Having life passions give me the drive to keep progressing for my goals. I do sports almost every day, which means I am very focused on eating healthy so that I can keep my fitness on track. Travelling is also something I would like to do more of. In the past, I dedicated my time and energy to my education, but now I can change this! Exploring new places and learning about new cultures is my biggest motivation to get travelling.

The most important person to me is my brother; we see each other most weekends. Spending time with him motivates me to be better in life; he has such a good spirit and positive energy — it’s impossible not to be influenced by his good vibes!


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Hannah Fuhrmann

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The latest news and stories by the FREE NOW team

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