The Quickest Way to Navigate in London, Berlin or Madrid? Get Citymapper and ride with FREE NOW

Marion Bobet
Sep 27 · 3 min read

If you’ve also fallen in love with Citymapper like these guys who have shared their experiences on Twitter, you’ll be more than happy to hear that FREE NOW has become a partner of this awesome urban mobility app.

Getting around in big cities like London, Berlin or Madrid is a real hassle. Citymapper is your ally in such cases and will make sure you arrive on time at work, at your dentist appointment or even at your Grandma’s absolutely epic and unmissable 90th birthday party. When opening the Citymapper app, check what is the best option for you to get there and select one of our FREE NOW services! Citymapper’s help combined with our FREE NOW efficient and reliable services will hopefully make you enjoy the ride! Here is how to book a taxi easily from the Citymapper app:

Powering up our cities

More than a partnership to make your life easier, this collaboration represents the future of mobility. Cities are developing at a faster pace than ever before and are already experiencing some serious mobility challenges. Urban areas are growing exponentially, and inner cities remain the most attractive places for a vast majority of workers, students or local inhabitants.

According to the United Nations, it is projected that 68% of the world population will live in urban areas by 2050 (vs 55% today), challenging the current level of urbanisation which is already at 74% in Europe.

Of course, cities and mobility providers are building up solutions to optimise transportation and as a result, new behaviours are emerging. London is the perfect example of how urban citizens are moving away from private vehicles, towards a broader and diverse ‘ecosystem of mobility solutions’. New and flexible services are now at your fingertips, especially with Citymapper and FREE NOW joining forces to bring you the best options in town!

Developing together our services

As the #1 mobility provider in Europe, we constantly evolve the FREE NOW app and services towards our ultimate goal: to make transportation available to everyone — independent of age, income and location. More recently in Germany, we launched a private-hire option to complement our taxi offer in several cities like Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt while in Dublin we have just launched our taxi-sharing option, Match. Indeed, all these services are bookable through the Citymapper app when available according to your location.

People need choice and mobility services that fit their needs, their wallet and their service expectations. We believe this partnership with Citymapper is a first step towards a new mobility era. Citymapper is currently available in 39 cities and metropolitan areas and is free to use. It is known to be a faithful companion that will save you a lot of time and help your decision making when it comes to going from A to B.

Citymapper is also mindful of your health and environmental impact: with the “Go” feature, you’ll get a full overview of the amount of calories you’ve lost during your commuting time (walking, cycling, running after the bus or casually waiting for a taxi — which is also ok) or the amount of trees you’ve potentially saved by using green transportation such as a FREE NOW eco taxis.

Together we are reinventing the way you move in the city!

Get in touch with us

Want to hear more about this collaboration or help us build the mobility of the future? Reach out to and send us your ideas. Ultimately, you are the ones we want to make happy.

Have a safe trip!

Your FREE NOW Team


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Marion Bobet

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The latest news and stories by the FREE NOW team

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