5 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Needs a Content Strategy

Nkemdilim Uwaje Begho
Jul 5 · 4 min read

Have you ever tried writing a social media post and you simply can’t remember what you wanted to write about?

Sometimes you are just all out of ideas or haven’t taken the time to outline relevant themes for your organization and sometimes your graphics simply don’t engage the way you would like them to.

Do not despair, all your organization needs is a solid Content Strategy.

In today’s digital world, a good Social Media Content Strategy is absolutely EVERYTHING and makes proper use and curation of words interwoven with data in order to create unambiguous content that supports meaningful and interactive experiences.

Here are 5 reasons WHY your Social Media Marketing needs a Content Strategy:

1. WHY you post matters more than WHAT you post

You need a content strategy for your social media channels because the objectives for each post should align with the overall organizational goals and objectives. Your content strategy is a direct reflection of your overall marketing strategy and business strategy. Your WHYs establish your value in the mind of your customer and their subsequent engagement is as a result of the authenticity of your WHYs. The outcome of a strong WHY is that WHAT you post becomes a high-value by-product.

2. Establish a strong brand identity

Your brand identity also helps keep you top of mind with consumers and aids the building of active engagement across your communities. Building up this strong brand identity on your social media platforms is driven by no other than a strong Content Strategy.

3. Build your Audience

A well planned social media content strategy will provide the guidance you need to find and retain your ideal target audience. It also helps you engage the right way, which leads to brand loyalty, conversions, higher revenue and bigger profits.

4. Align and develop the voice and tone of Your Social Media Marketing

Every organization has its tone in which it relays its message. Your content strategy will help you define, develop and consistently use that unique voice and tone for your content.

5. Planning saves time and leaves room for creativity

Rather than putting out adhoc posts when you have the time or jumping from one platform to another without a clear-cut strategy that leaves you confused or producing repetitive generic content that nobody really cares for, plan ahead and use your time to create content that resonates with your audience. Ensure you continuously grab the opportunity to refine your content and get creative with your social media posts.

The beauty about content done right is that high performing content can always be repurposed — it never gets old.

Now that you know WHY you need a Social Media Content Strategy, I am sure you are wondering HOW to create one…so let me give you some pointers —

There are usually four key components required for your Social Media Content Strategy:

  • Conducting Research and indepth analysis of your current content reception and strategy
  • Defining your target audience for each platform
  • Creating a comprehensive list of content-specific goals & objectives
  • Planning how you expect to distribute your content

Of course there’s more to continuously creating content that your users find valuable, relevant and want to consume, but if you leave your comments in the comments section I will be sure to send you guidelines and an easy to use template for creating a Content Strategy for your Social Media Posts.

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Exclusive insights from inside Futuresoft - Digital Marketing, E-Learning and IT Consultancy