8 Social Media Marketing Tools Your Competition Is Using to Succeed

Image Source: Charles PH, via Unslplash

I’m no magician, but if you are reading this post, here’s what I know about you…

So, you finally decided to take your social media marketing seriously — from creating engaging visuals to writing, reviewing and rewriting every caption to make sure they inspire your audience to take the right actions.

Like every business owner or marketer, you are faced with a long list of tasks and it’s a challenge staying on top of everything, that’s why I’ve put together a list of my favourite tools to help you.


1- Canva

Canva is by far one of my favourite on-the-go tools when I need to create beautiful visuals quickly. Before you skip this section because you’ve never used Corel Draw of Photoshop in your life, you should know that Canva also comes with a ton of ready-made templates you can easily customize with its drag and drop feature. The Canva web app is also available on Android and iOS, making it easy for you to create and access all your designs on the go.

Image Source, Canva

2- Spark Post

Spark post by Adobe is probably the closest alternative to Canva. If you are a big Adobe fan like me, you’ll love this tool. Aside from giving you access to thousands of free pre-made designs, you can create designs using tons of royalty free images, and customizable icons. Spark post allows you to create visuals on-the-go using their apps available for iOS and Android smartphone.

3- Unsplash

If you are looking for great imagery for your marketing, Unsplash should be your first destination. This website has over 100k contributing photographers and more than 10million royalty free images at your disposal. All images are available under the Creative Commons license, so you do not have to worry about emails blasting you for plagiarism. If by one in a million chance, you don’t find what you are looking for, here are a few alternative websites you should know, pexels.com, pxhere.com, pixabay.com, freepik.com

Content Optimization

4- Grammarly

Grammarly is an online tool every writer must have — aside from helping you check for typos; it reads your writing for plagiarism and helps you write better by proofreading your work against over 250 grammar rules. I personally love the mobile app and browser extension that allows me to write smart on the go.


5- Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule

Every marketer knows it’s not enough to write type-free content, what you want is for your blog or social media post to convert and coming up with a catchy headline for your amazing copy is not easy. This tool analyses your content and helps you write better headlines that drive traffic.

6- Google Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner is a simple tool that lets you know which of your potential keywords attract the biggest clicks. You can see how often your keywords are searched and because some keywords may be seasonal, this tool helps you find what’s new and trending.

Content Curation & Analytics

7- Feedly

Feedly helps you “Keep up with all the topics that matter to you” from publications, blog posts, keyword alerts and even tweets. It helps you find the most relevant content by checking how many shares an article has.

Your competitors use this simple tool to find what your potential customers are already talking about and then they join the conversation in real time.

8- Buffer


Buffer allows you to manage your social media accounts and schedule your posts faster across multiple channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. It also provides the user with an in-depth analysis of how each post is performing across all your channels. The mobile app also allows you to make changes and update your channels on the go.

Other close alternatives to Buffer are Hootsuite, Onlypult, Later, and Sprout Social.

Oopsie!! Did I miss your favourite tools? Please share in the comments below and don’t forget to share this post with someone you care about. *winks* 😉