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GAFAnomics: A new economy wrapping the planet (Part 1)

  • The creation of Alphabet, result of the classical “Legacy VS new businesses” dilemma now preoccupying the not-so-young Google.
  • GAFA’s difficulties to innovate in an ever increasing competition (with failures like Google Glass, Google+, Amazon Fire Phone, or Facebook Home). The time of easy innovation seems definitely finished.
  • GAFA’s fight for market shares and not growth points anymore, as shown by Apple’s hit at Google’s business with iOS8's adblockers or Amazon’s decision to forbid the sales of Google Chromecast and Apple TV on its platform. Seems like this world ain’t big enough for 4 sheriffs!
In average, unicorns reach a $1B valuation within 18 months — Source: Exponential Organizations (by Salim Ismail)

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Studies, Frameworks and Opinions on the Network Economy by the innovation agency FABERNOVEL.

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