This Week in GAFAnomics #14

Apple is pivoting / Google taking on Amazon Echo / Amazon’s new product…diapers!

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Amazon is going to start selling its own brands of snacks, diapers, detergent, just like traditional retailers.
An expected move from Amazon, which accounts for 50% of US e-commerce growth, and want to push its own products to increase its bottom line. — curated by Nuno Ribeiro

Seems like Google continues its offensive on house automation with Chirp, an Amazon Echo challenger based on OnHub.
Is Google worried about Amazon gathering tons of product search data… — curated by Legrigeois Laurent

Apple just invested $1bn in Chinese private company Didi Chuxing, Uber’s largest competitor.
Apple is not only fuelling the ride hailing war (Google owns a large stake in Uber), but also making a strategic investment in its quest to disrupt mobility. — curated by @Lionel Sultan

Google launched its rumored iOS Keyboard. 
Smart UX move. Keyboard is search’s main contact point, so why not integrate Google directly inside the keyboard? — curated by Louis Moullard

Apple is investing a record $10bn (!) in R&D in 2016. What does Apple ever-increasing R&D investment tell us about its future? New features on iPhone, iPad, Watch, Mac, Apple TV and development of services? 
Sure. But most likely a sign that Apple is pivoting. If so, project Titan may be a real game changer for Electric car and Mobility. — curated by Nuno Ribeiro

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