This Week in GAFAnomics #2

GAFAnomics [ga-fɑː-nom-iks], noun: 
A modern, networked, economic system spurred by the eponymic GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) but also encompassing Unicorns, Chinese tech giants and all other companies changing our lives through computer technology.

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So what happened this week in GAFAnomics ?!

Say hello to Alphabet’s new subsidiary: a think tank called Jigsaw. Jigsaw develops digital products and services to “use technology to tackle the toughest political challenges from (…) violent extremism to online censorship (…) and digital attacks”.
This is a big move : by disrupting fundamental government authority, Google has never been so close to being a nation
Curated by Louis Moullard

Uber has a new contender to worry about: Juno. The young startup promises a 10% commission to drivers (twice less than Uber) and 50% of founding shares “reserved” for drivers. 
Seducing drivers instead of users: the best technique to disrupt Uber?
 — Curated by Pierre Letoublon

Apple wrote a letter to its customers to let them know it will fight FBI’s request to create a backdoor to access iPhones in the US (but potentially worldwide?).
As Edward Snowden puts it in one of his last tweets, have tech giants become our best chances to defend our rights ? We still haven’t heard from Google on that matter though. 
Curated by Thibault Ortiz

YouTube acquired artist platform BandPage. The site helps musicians build an online presence and better connect with their fans. Connecting the creative industry to the network economy has been among web platforms’ top priorities lately (see Amazon, Netflix, Apple). 
Old Model = aggregate content, New Model = orchestrate a network of artists. 
Curated by Louis Moullard

After a private beta test in July, Waze is launching Waze Rider, its first carpooling app, in the Play Store.
Waze (read Google) is — trying to — eat the world… and BlaBlaCar is next on the menu… Can anyone really resist the GAFA?
Curated by julien breitfeld

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