This Week in GAFAnomics #26

Walmart buys for $3bn / Facebook blocks Adblockers / Airbnb has built a hotel / What if Google fell like Yahoo?

Walmart has acquired in a deal worth $3bn. The startup’s founder Mark Lore is said to keep on running his company and to take the lead of The technologies developed by the online retailer are seen as a great asset by Walmart to stem the tide of Amazon in the retail industry. However, the gamble seems risky given that Jet is not yet profitable. In the meantime, the first Amazon Prime cargo plane took off… — Curated by Nuno Ribeiro

Facebook announced that ads would be displayed on the platform even if users run an Adblocker. The initiative has been justified by its will to put forward personalized ads, according to individuals’ interests. Unlike other websites, the social network can afford to make such a decision thanks to its large scale. AdBlock Plus devs have found a breach two days after the launch of the new code, but Facebook has planned to fix it very soon. The matter is: can the user still bypass GAFAs’ guidelines? — Curated by Legrigeois Laurent

After building a community centre in a Japanese village, Airbnb denies that such a project is a hotel. According to the firm, it is an initiative where local workers meet tourists that can help the community. Nevertheless, “it’s a commercial property, staffed by locals, and tourists visiting the area pay to rent rooms”. Although the centre is still an experiment, the project should be scaled to other towns around the world. Is Airbnb kicking off a new generation hotel chain? — Curated by Louis Moullard

Alphabet has delivered great revenue results for the last quarter, mainly thanks to a strong growth in mobile advertising. Whereas Yahoo has recently been absorbed by AOL… A similar future is not glaring for the Mountain View firm but we’re at the onset of a major shift in advertising, led by Facebook and threatening its business model : “from search to discovery”.Yet, unlike Yahoo, Google has always been good at identifying trends. — Curated by Edouard Josset

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