This Week in GAFAnomics #6

Bots are the new apps / Google stepping on Amazon’s lawn / Apple building its own cloud… and more

GAFAnomics [ga-fɑː-nom-iks],noun: 
A modern, networked, economic system spurred by the eponymic GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) but also encompassing Unicorns, Chinese tech giants and all other companies changing our lives through computer technology.

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So what happened this week in GAFAnomics?!

Facebook is about to launch a Messenger Bot Store, which could be the most important launch since the App Store. Are Bots the new Apps? It’s the beginning of a new era: “messaging as a platform” — Curated by Nuno Ribeiro

After Apple being sued for not unlocking iphone, Facebook through Whatsapp could be the next on the list. In response, Whatsapp and Facebook announced reinforcement of their encryption systems. A strong stance on privacy…and a good move to slow down Telegram’s rise — Curated by Legrigeois Laurent

Google announced a new patent that suggests that it’s looking into self-driving delivery trucks. Google is stepping on Amazon’s lawn: will Amazon Prime Air’s drones be faster than Google self driving trucks? — Curated by Joachim Renaudin

Apple said it will build its own Cloud Platform (before doing so, they will use Google’s). Tech giants are all building their own infrastructure to reduce dependency on Google Cloud, AWS and Azure. — curated by Tom Morisse.

APIs, network, automation, encryption… Amazon’s CTO looks back at 10 recipes that made AWS world’s leading cloud platform — Curated by julien breitfeld.

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