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illustration by Adrien Griveau

How to validate a startup idea?

Here is a simple method to interview people in order to understand whether they will go for your idea without asking them directly.

Phase 1: Target a survey panel and run interviews

  • what are their current needs
  • how those needs are currently fulfilled.

Phase 2: Ask your panel about the 4 dimensions of their users’ satisfaction

  • a) not a problem at all
  • b) a problem
  • c) a serious problem.

Phase 3: Ask yourself about the 4 dimensions of your product’s promises

  • a) no difference at all
  • b) some improvement
  • c) a serious improvement compared to solution currently used by the client.

Phase 4: Calculate your Perceived Created Value

  • UBER vs TAXI
  • Go ahead, do it with your own solution ☺



Hexa is home to startup studios eFounders (SaaS), Logic Founders (fintech), 3founders (web3) — and more to come.

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