Introducing WhatsappX: Help Shape The Future of Customer Engagement

Matthieu Vaxelaire
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3 min readApr 25


At eFounders/Hexa, we’ve already fostered groundbreaking innovations that have redefined the way companies engage with their customers.

Two even went on to become unicorns. From revolutionizing professional phone systems with Aircall (🦄 no.1) to democratizing omnichannel customer support with Front (🦄 no.2), we know that high-quality consumer interactions are the essence of healthy businesses. What’s next?

The era of Conversational Commerce

Conversational commerce, or cCom — when people and brands connect through chat to drive purchase — has already been widely embraced in the likes of Latin America and Asia. With roughly half of these populations engaging in purchases on chat platforms, the results are not only in, but very convincing: 19/20 WhatsApp Business messages are opened vs. 1/20 emails, and Customer Lifetime Value for customers who chat with businesses increases by 60%.

Why does it have so much potential? Combining the efficiency of e-commerce with the human connection of in-store experiences, cCom not only creates a straightforward yet meaningful experience for the customer, but also a seamless one: **sales, marketing, and support are combined into one ongoing conversation, without the forced marriage of email and web shops within e-commerce.

Whatsapp at the center

And where better to engage with customers than on the app they use the most? We’re not reinventing the wheel this time. With 2 billion daily active users and 100 billion messages sent every day, our next innovation will enable companies to tap into the potential of the world’s favorite chat platform. Of course, we’re talking about none other than the app of all apps: WhatsApp.

With WhatsApp Business having recently flung open its doors to companies with the launch of a cloud-based API, now is the time to innovate. We believe WhatsApp Business is quickly on its way to becoming one of the most engaging customer channels out there, but it currently lacks the features that will enable brands to offer an outstanding experience to their customers.

Bridging the gap between WhatsApp and businesses

Leading us to our new project, WhatsAppX (codename). Alongside co-founders Paul Lafforgue and Thomas Sohet, we’re cooking up a product that will bridge the gap between WhatsApp and companies. Our vision is to build a tool that is:

  1. Built for Marketing and Sales, not just customer support
  2. Simple yet powerful, solving the complexity of the WhatsApp API
  3. Integrated with your business tools, from Shopify to your CRM
  4. Collaborative, to manage conversations at scale
  5. AI-powered, for efficiency
For illustrative purposes only — we do not work (yet) with these brands.

Over to you: call for design partners

So, let’s build! We’re currently looking for pioneering e-commerce brands to help us put the user at the center of our product. If you want to help shape the cCom movement and be among the first wave of brands engaging their customers in a new and authentic way, click here.

We are also actively recruiting for two engineering positions that will be at the forefront of making this impressive technical feat possible:

Together, let’s Whatsapp-ify customer engagement 💬