TextMaster (eF11) Acquired by Technicis

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2 min readApr 4, 2018


Textmaster, the professional translation service in the cloud, has been acquired by Technicis. Launched in 2011, TextMaster was part of eFounders’ first batch of startups. Their acquisition after 7 years is the first major exit for eFounders, and marks a new chapter in TextMaster’s mission to make brands speak the way their customers think.

TextMaster’s Story

Launched in 2011 as part of eFounders’ first batch of startups (alongside Mailjet), TextMaster was co-founded by Thibault Lougnon, Alexandre Ponsin, and Benoit Laurent. Designed to make going glocal easy, the platform easily put companies in touch with trusted translators in their niche — enabling 5,000 customers to launch new markets and extend their foothold with localized, expert content.

With employees in France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and Italy, TextMaster’s global-minded team grew to 40 employees who participated in making the story a success: with over 100% growth year-on-year since their creation and $8M in yearly revenue in 2017.

TextMaster Joins Forces With Technicis

The acquisition is a major step in TextMaster’s development. Holding true to their mission to enable brands to be themselves regardless of borders, the acquisition by Technicis brings on a new challenge for the team: to become one of the top 5 players in translation services worldwide.

The deal also represents a strategic partnership between a purely digital player — TextMaster — and one of the biggest names in the translation industry looking to grow by pursuing an active M&A strategy (TextMaster is the 5th acquisition by Technicis in 5 years).

The clear alignement of strategy between TextMaster and Technicis mean that the choice is an obvious one for all parties. As stated by Thibault Lougnon, TextMaster’s CEO: “TextMaster now has the means to further accelerate its already spectacular growth and to become with Technicis the global leader for translation services.”

Here’s to their continued success in this new chapter!

Our First Big Acquisition

TextMaster’s acquisition represents a major milestone in the eFounders story and validates the model we invented 7 years ago. We have been building companies for 7 years now, with most being very successful. However, they haven’t returned any cash to eFounders, meaning that everything we have built so far we have done solely with the cash coming from our (beloved) investors.

This first exit marks thus an important step as it is the first influx of cash coming from our activity, after 7 years of intense efforts. This is also very exciting, as we will have more money to reinvest in building more ambitious companies!

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