We’re launching Dialog to power the wallet-based marketing era

Florent Quinti
Inside Hexa
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2 min readJan 11


Today we are officially launching Dialog, the customer engagement platform for web3 applications. We like to pitch it as the “Intercom for web3”! We are so proud to launch this company with 2 amazing founders, Antoine and Louis.

Our thesis is simple: a new type of marketing will emerge with the gradual disappearance of cookies, we call it: wallet-based marketing.

We are convinced that connecting with a web3 wallet will become the new standard way to log in to any application in the future. With a connected wallet, users can choose which information and assets they want to share when they log in, while companies can take advantage of this new cross-application user profile to personalize their experiences like never before. It’s an opt-in buyer persona controlled by the user!

This is where the magic of Dialog comes in, it allows any application to send personalized in-app experiences based on what users have in their wallet to better convert and retain them!

NFT marketplaces can offer onboarding to users who did no transaction on blockchains, DeFi apps can offer 1:1 chat to high-potential traders, games can offer special skins to NFT communities, sneakers shops can offer discounts if users hold special badges. Limitless possibilities to explore for a new marketing era!

The movement is already underway, Dialog is already working with NFT marketplaces, DeFi apps, video games and big web2 brands that are all becoming wallet aware!

We’re so excited to see “wallet-based marketing” take over the world, powered by Dialog.