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Working with copywriters

(for startups)

This is the second episode of our series “working with…”: a no-clichés no-bullshit guide to working better with your teammates.

And here at eFounders, we know what we’re talking about: as a startup studio, we work together with our 8 startups, that’s about 200 people across the world, with all kinds of talents and responsibilities.

We started with “Working with designers” (see the slides here) which had a great echo in the design and startup community — it was viewed 12k times.

Today, I wanted to be a little more self-centered (yes, full disclosure: I am a copywriter)☺I also took the opportunity to try out Bunkrapp to create this presentation. This is a pretty awesome tool. Although still in beta, I can see where this is going. I highly recommend it. In any case, you can see for yourself.

This presentation addresses issues commonly faced when working with a copywriter: in-house vs freelance, briefing, management, tools, types of copy, work environment, and more.

Hope it helps! I’d love to know which episode you’d like to see next, please vote for your favorite:

  • working with developers
  • working with operations officers
  • working with co-founders


PS: we’re hiring



Hexa is home to startup studios eFounders (SaaS), Logic Founders (fintech), 3founders (web3) — and more to come.

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