5 reasons to choose holaSpirit over Glassfrog

Jan 5, 2017 · 3 min read

Perhaps you have recently followed a training to implement Holacracy within your organization, or perhaps your organization is already running it. Whatever the current situation, chances are that you have most likely used the Glassfrog application.

Frankly, there’s actually an easy explanation for that, as Glassfrog happened to be the only application (with a set of dedicated features) on the market to support Holacracy implementation for a long time. However, times have changed, as we entered upon the market as well with one clear mission in mind: to be the favored choice for both teal organizations and those who run Holacracy.

In that event, here are some crucial reasons why more and more organizations prefer holaSpirit as the standard Holacracy application.

1. User Interface

Our fresh, modern, and responsive user interface is usually the first thing that comes up when our users explain ‘why’ specifically they have chosen holaSpirit. Our personal favorite is actually the robust search panel; which allows the user to consult any role, project, checklist or any other item, from every location within the application — even during meetings. What we particularly like about this feature is that it allows you to stay in one tab, without the constant switching between different tabs in your browser.

holaSpirit home page

2. Get work done in your native language

Holacracy is not particularly known to be an ‘easy’ thing to implement. In that sense, working in a foreign language is thereon only pouring salt in the wound. As it is our aim to make the process as easy as utterly possible, we added with the help of our beloved users 9 additional languages, amongst Italian, French, Dutch, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and last but not least, Russian and Chinese.

3. Integrations

Most agile organizations usually work with many third party SaaS services to arrange the fields of communication, collaboration, and project management. This is why holaSpirit allows the seamless integration of various popular tools, amongst Slack, Trello, Asana, Google Hangout, Zoom, and many more!

4. Close attention to detail

When taking a closer look at holaSpirit, you’ll find a bunch of interesting features that make a good difference. One of these is ‘My actions’ for example, allowing the management of actions, the import of tensions in a tactical meeting, and the removal of Lead Link accountabilities in a Governance meeting, are merely some of the many possibilities. All in all, the attention to small details makes the difference when it comes to successfully integrating the Holacracy in any organization.

5. The way we work with our customers

Delivering a good piece of software isn’t just about features ; we actually believe most of it comes down to experience. The way we work with our community defines the way we design the future of holaSpirit. That is to say that we not only actively listen to the needs and expectations of our community but we will actually make it happen on a weekly basis.

Moreover, we achieve all this by supporting our customers through our in-app chat system and/or e-mail, to make the holaSpirit experience truly unique and designed to your needs.

Last but not least, there is a big difference in price as holaSpirit charges only €3.90 per user per month. So from commercial point of view, you will also save some money in the long run.

Interested to experience the benefit for yourself, feel free to give it a free try.

PS/ for those who are already on Glassfrog, don’t worry, migration is as simple as it can get.


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Inside holaSpirit

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