Announcing Omnifocus and Todoist integrations

thrilled to announce our latest integrations

We are excited to announce the launch of Omnifocus and Todoist integrations, which will ensure you will never forget any of your tasks again.

Are you using Omnifocus or TodoIst as your task manager? You can now connect one of these popular tools with holaSpirit to track and manage your actions easier. Start connecting one of these apps and you will automatically receive the actions assigned to your roles in your favorite task manager. These apps will support your daily Holacracy habits/practice.

Connecting Todoist

When logging in holaSpirit, first thing you should do to activate these apps is by clicking on your profile tab under your profile pictogram, then go to the integration page, as shown on the below picture, and eventually click on the activation buttons.

Once having followed the above steps, you can now easily sign into your Todoist account.

From now on, whenever you’re in a tactical meeting, all new actions are automatically sent to your Todoist inbox. In this way you will never lose sight of your actions and getting things done will become a step easier.

Connecting Omnifocus

Omnifocus integration uses the Mail Drop to Inbox feature.

Go to and click on “Add an address”

In holaSpirit, click on your profile, go to the Integrations page of your profile and then click on Activate. Paste the Mail Drop to Inbox address in holaSpirit.

You’re all set!

No more excuses :-)

P.S. Are you using other applications to manage your todo lists or tasks? We are looking forward to reading your ideas in our user forum.