What makes great food?

When did you last feel passionate and proud about what you were eating? What about the last time you gave a thought to all the people that made it possible for that food to reach your table?

Well I, for one, believe it’s time to take a page out of Michael Pollan’s book and thank the noble professionals that have dedicated their time and energy to producing great food.

“Shake the hand that feeds you.”
- Michael Pollan

Recently, I had the privilege to do just that working alongside some wonderful folks at SPINS and Pure Branding. Together, we published a report celebrating the champions of great food. After 7 years of refining our research process and standards, these brands are the best we have found in the American foodscape. The Great Food Report 2015 identifies 47 brands, accounting for the top 0.2% of the U.S. food industry.

Out of over 110,000 products already in our research database, these 47 brands are responsible for producing 316 products that received an almost perfect score on our rating system. The report also identifies 500 brands responsible for producing 4,439 products that received a better rating than 94% of the industry.

This report is designed to help you feel passionate and proud of the food you select and allow you to stop rewarding those companies telling us fast and easy is better than good. As one of the top 47 brands so eloquently put it,

‘Vote with your wallet and start by experimenting with sustainable food products to compare their taste and quality against non-sustainable products.’

-Big Island Bees

In the year ahead, keep an eye out for food that is Great for you, Great for your community, and Great for our world.

P.S. Get full access to the Great Food Report here.