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ALEPH Farms - Dr. Lee Recht & Didier Toubia on Inside Ideas

Bio-farms go beyond climate neutrality

Dr Lee Recht and Didier Toubia are my guests today on Inside Ideas. Didier is the Co-Founder and CEO of Aleph Farms, a cultivated meat company shaping the future of food by growing slaughter-free beef steaks directly from cow cells, preserving natural resources, and avoiding the use of antibiotics.

Dr Recht, Head of Sustainability at Aleph Farms, explains how this pioneering food company is building an independent, sustainable and resilient food system of its own, with its own footprint.

“We call our manufacturing facilities bio-farms and they will be climate neutral by 2025, along with our whole supply chain by 2030,” Dr. Recht said. “But we are not stopping at climate neutrality, it is a very important aspect but we are also building strategies regarding our water, land use, waste, and circular production.”

Listen in to my deep dive with Dr. Recht and Didier for more on this truly paradigm shifting Israeli-based food production company.


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