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Dr. Anika Molesworth on Inside Ideas

How do we communicate science better?

Dr. Anika Molesworth is my guest on this episode of Inside Ideas. A renowned thought-leader of agro-ecological systems resilience, with a Ph.D. in agricultural science, Anika is a multi-award winning innovator, recognised for her work in creating sustainable and vibrant farming landscapes that will work now and into the future.

She is dedicated about raising awareness of climate change, a passion which stems from experiencing a decade-long millennium drought on the family farm. In 2014, Anika founded Climate Wise Agriculture as a knowledge sharing platform for climate change as it relates to food systems around the world. And she also helped established Farmers for Climate Action, which is a national network of over 5,000 Australian farmers tackling climate change.

While science underpins everything she does, Anika is also passionate about the importance of using creativity to reach more people and inspire them to take action in tackling global challenges.

“We need to be more creative and critical about how we are currently living and asking better questions of how do we change it,” Anika said. “We need to be capturing peoples minds and hearts, in so many different ways. Whether it is through movies, whether it is through artworks, we need to be drawing in the science, the complexity of what the science is telling us. And translating that into something that gets people at their heart, to look at beautiful artwork, or a photograph of a forest, and go: wow, that is worth saving, that is wondrous, that is magical, that is putting oxygen into the atmosphere and that is capturing carbon that we so mistakingly put up there.”

For more on this, and a lot more, listen to Anika on today’s show.


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