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Restaurant Tonklar Facai on Inside Ideas

Eating Food as Medicine

Jitrawadee Hemmondharop Henontarrop (Dao) and Wiwat Hemmondharop — founders of Tonklar Facai — are my guests on Inside Ideas.

In 2010 Dao, a pharmacist and nutritionist, and Wiwat started the social enterprise business Tonklar Facai. It is the first restaurant in Thailand where the menus are hand-picked and designed by a group of pharmacists, Thai traditional medicine specialists and dieticians. Every menu is considered functional food, enriched with essential nutrients, including vitamin, antioxidants, phytonutrients which promotes immune system, anti-aging effect, and lower risk of chronic disease.

Their passion for unleashing the power of food to help people and planet is infectious, and should hopefully keep infections at bay. Listen now to learn more about their fresh take on the future of food.


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