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Sandra Goldmark on Inside Ideas

Rethinking how we shop

Sandra Goldmark is my guest today on Inside Ideas.

Founder of Fixup, an innovative social enterprise in New York City, Sandra is a theater set and costume designer, and a global leader in the field of sustainable theatrical design. The director of the Sustainability and Climate Action program and associate professor of professional practice at Barnard College, she also has an AB in American literature from Harvard College and an MFA in theatrical design from Yale University.

In her latest book, Fixation: How to Have Stuff without Breaking the Planet, Sandra calls on us all to move beyond our throwaway culture by rethinking how we shop and what we value, and to incentivise companies to produce better, easily repairable goods. She adapts a simple motto from the food movement that has profound implications: Have good stuff, not too much (mostly reclaimed). Care for it. Pass it on.


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