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Tamás Dávid Barrett on Inside Ideas

Social Structures Behavioural Change Human Beasts

The internationally-renowned behavioural scientist, Tamás Dávid-Barrett, is my latest guest on Inside Ideas.

His groundbreaking work focuses on how the structure of social networks change during falling fertility, urbanisation, and migration; as well as, how social networks vary over the human life-course. Tamás’s current projects include the origins of inequality regulation; why the behavioural rules between women and men vary so much across cultures; and the evolutionary foundations of sharing behaviour.

Tamás Dávid-Barrett

Tamás is a professor at the Centro de Investigación de Complejidad Social at the Universidad del Desarollo in Santiago de Chile, teaches economics at Trinity College, University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, and is affiliated with the Population Studies Research Institute in Helsinki, Finland. He is a fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute. In the past, Tamás ran his analyst company, and did macroeconomic and development research in 35 countries all around the world. It was the highlands of Irian Jaya that changed the way he sees human societies. Check out his Human Beasts Channel on YouTube.


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