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Victor Friedberg on Inside Ideas

Meet the future of food

Victor E. Friedberg is my guest on Inside Ideas. He has been at the forefront of innovation, investment and sustainability for over 20 years. As Co-Founder of S2G Ventures, he was a principal force in developing the S2G mission, culture, strategy and team. Through his work at S2G, he pioneered system investing as a strategy for investing into food and agriculture and applied this approach in building the S2G portfolio. As Managing Director, Victor led the S2G investments into three food unicorns: Beyond Meat, Sweetgreen, and Apeel Science as well as Maple Hill Creamery, Ataraxis and Lavva among others. Beyond Meat, which Victor served as Board Observer from 2014–2017, became the most successful IPO in 2019 and one of the most successful food IPO’s in the last decades.

His new fund New Epoch Capital invests in best of class entrepreneurs building transformative companies defining a new era of Health and Wellness to support their visions of providing healthy, sustainable, efficacious, personalised and traceable products and services for the conscious consumer.

He is also founder and chairman of FoodShot Global, a 501c3 blended capital investment platform of equity, debt and grants with 25 of the leading funds, banks, foundations, universities, corporations and non-profits seeking to join him on his mission to transform the food system into one that is more healthy, sustainable and equitable. FoodShot Global’s GroundBreaker Prize is currently the largest prize for food and agriculture.

He serves presently as the executive chairman of the fast-growing plant-based dairy company Lavva and is chairman of the organic toddler food company Tiny Organics. And serves on the Boards of those two companies as well as the biotech company Kiverdi/Air Protein. He is also an advisor to the biotech company Mori and the SLM Partner land fund. And was named by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 25 deal makers and influencers in Consumer Products in 2016.

Speaking on Inside Ideas about the direction of travel food systems are now on, Victor said: “Nutrition is going to be the organising principle for the food system. Prior to this, for the last 100 years, as the legacy system was being developed, it was all about calories and securing calories. I think now it is securing nutrition. That has profound implications on how you transition to that system. You have to start thinking about things much differently.”


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