10 best office interior designers in Kolkata

Kavya Mehta
Dec 20, 2019 · 4 min read

Kolkata is one of the leading metropolitan city India and no wonder all the industries are preferring Kolkata as their first choice.

This opens the doors, for office interior designers in kolkata, for designing or re-modelling existing spaces or completely new ones as well.

Below are 10 Best office interior designers in kolkata

  1. Zad interiors

The office spaces are designed by zad keeping in mind brand equity, service excellence, and customer centricity to transform your company into a world class entity.

ZAd has the team of diversified experts with a combined expertise of over 20 years to deliver the best interior solutions for your budget.

We believe the people on Kolkata deserve new interiors that blend the contemporary with the ethnic, the western designs with the rural ethos to transform into something magical.- Motto of zad interiors

Contact zad interior here (Avail 20% off now !!)

Call Zad: +919007064422

Zad interiors can do wonders for your office spaces thanks to highly experienced interior designers.

Transform your office like this !!

2. subhAAkritee

Address: AG-40, AG Block, Sector II, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

3. Cee Bee Design Studio

Address: EB10 840, Rajdanga Main Road, Sector F, East Kolkata Township

4.Bengal Interior

Address :22, Chinmoy Chatterjee Sarani, Kolkata, West Bengal 700033

5. Verna Interior

Address: 498, Nihar Kana Lake Veiw, Dum Dum Park, Kolkata, West Bengal 700055

6. Ravi Pugaliya & Associates

Address: 24A, Shakespeare Sarani Parijat Building 2nd Floor, near crossing,, Camac Street Theatre Road

7.Esthetic Interiors

Address:Latika Bhawan, 73, Baroda Avenue, Ground Floor Garia

So, there you have it the best office space interior designers in kolkata.

Here are the things which you need to keep in mind when you think of office interior design in kolkata.

Our working world today is complex and primarily designed for fast work processes and economic efficiency.

A professional contemporary office equipment should correspond to this way of working and at the same time meet the technical requirements that go along with it.

Before you start the actual furnishing of the premises, you should ask yourself some basic questions:

What activities do the employees of your company usually carry out and do they make special demands on the working environment?

What technical equipment is used at the workplace and how much space is required for it?

How many employees have to be accommodated in the individual rooms?

Photo by Nastuh Abootalebi on Unsplash

Are there several team members who are in permanent exchange and should therefore share a common office, or are mainly activities that require a high degree of concentration and rest?

In this case a single office or a smaller office unit will be the better choice

Since space is scarce in many offices anyway, a good workplace structure is all the more important.

Clever filing systems as well as space-saving shelves and cabinets ensure clarity and order. When buying furniture, always look for quality and durability. This will save you money in the long term.

The surfaces should be resilient and hard-wearing and also easy to clean.

Ergonomics at the workplace

As we spend a large part of our day sitting at our desk and usually hardly moving, you should also pay attention to the ergonomics, comfort and user-friendliness of your furniture and office equipment when furnishing your office.

Misalignments, headaches and tensions are often the result of poor office equipment. In the long run, this can have health consequences for the employee and economic consequences for the company.

So choose the best office space interior designers and decorators in kolkata.

Kavya Mehta

Written by

Interior Designer.Traveller.Blogger. 10 + years of experience in Interior designing for various projects in and around India .

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