10 Reasons to Convert Normal Kitchen to Modular Kitchen

Kavya Mehta
Jan 24 · 5 min read

Kitchens are one of the most important areas in a home. A well laid out kitchen ensures a peaceful environment for cooking lip smacking recipes to tickle the taste buds.

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New dishes and recipes have always been part of our culture. However, a messy, unorganized and less spacious kitchen can easily ruin this eternal quest for man’s glory. With growing demand for flats and apartments as compared to villas and bungalows, space constraint has become the norm.

How do you deliver the essentials of a fully functional kitchen within the constraints of space? This is where a modular kitchen fares better than a
normal kitchen.

Here are the top 10 reasons to convert a normal kitchen to a modular kitchen:

1. Proper space utilization
Kitchens in apartments are not very big and as such requires space to accommodate a refrigerator, a microwave oven, the burner, a chimney, the RO water purifier, a mixer grinder and an oven-griller.

Modular kitchens are smartly designed that can easily find space to fit in these
kitchen essentials.

2. Functionality

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What is the use of a kitchen interior design if it is not functional or cannot be used effectively.

Imagine the designer has given a space to put the microwave oven, but the height is so high that the people working in the kitchen cannot reach it. Functionality is at the heart of modular kitchen designs.

3. Easy assembly

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Most modular kitchens are now factory made and use standard wood and fittings. This has made assembly easy. Once you choose the design and the wood and fittings, the interior designer will get the cabinets and boards factory made.

They will simply come and assemble them in the kitchen. It is like an IKEA for the kitchen, albeit assembled by professionals.

4. Aesthetic

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Modular kitchens are made using ply and modern fittings and they are given laminate finishing which come in various colours, giving your kitchen a unique aesthetic feel suiting your taste at a reasonable cost. Normal kitchens do not come in standardised designs, and hence to give an aesthetic look can become extremely costly.

5. You get what you see
Modular kitchen manufacturers have design templates ready with multiple customisation options for every kitchen layout. Once they complete the measurement of your kitchen including placement of electrical points, they can easily give you a 2D/3D design of your kitchen with finished laminates and fittings.

You will get what you see in the picture as most of the products are factory finished.

6. Pay for what you have been promised
Once the designer gives you design options specific to your kitchen’s layout and dimensions, you will get the exact BOQ ( Bill of Quantities) for the materials used. You will pay for the BOQ as agreed at the time of design. There is no surprise carpenter fee or material price surge fee.

7. Multiple Design Options

Modular kitchen designers have tools to give you in 2D, exactly how your kitchen will look, with colour options and design options. You are free to select from these options the one that you like the most. And all this can be achieved very easily on a computer software.

At ZAD Interior, our partner modular kitchen designers have computer software which can give you exact design options at the click of a button. This level of customisation is impossible in normal kitchens.
8. All under the hood

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One of the questions a lot of people ask is, how do we ensure our kitchen appliances can be hidden? This is the beauty of a modular kitchen. Most of the appliances, including refrigerator and ovens can be under the hood, hidden away in plain sight, neatly placed inside a cabinet. This makes the kitchen look spacious and clutter free, giving ample creative space to those serving up
those delicious dishes!

9. Clutter Free Personal Space

Photo by Le Creuset on Unsplash

Clutter free environment is key to a meditative mind. And food is a meditation for the soul. So, what better to create this meditative space than a clutter free kitchen where you can cook some delicious, mouth watering delicacies. Modular kitchens provide you with a clutter free space where all your utensils are within your reach neatly arranged in baskets and can be accessed
using pullouts.

10. Quick design & Installation
If you need a neat, aesthetic and functional kitchen design in the next 30 days, because you have a party at home, how will you achieve this? If you go for a normal kitchen, the entire design, build and installation space will take you a long time and the cost will be much higher.

Modular kitchens are factory made quality products, with templated designs, which ensure design and installation can be down in fairly quick time.

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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.- Scott Adams

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Inside Interiors

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.- Scott Adams

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