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Kahoot! Closes $10m Financing Round To Help Improve Learning For All

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I am proud to announce we have closed a $10 million funding round to continue the support for our now 3.5 million strong teacher community — fuelling new game formats, infrastructure, and growth. The latest round was led by Fredrik Cassel at Creandum, current investor Tellef Thorleifsson at Northzone and Nagraj Kashyap at Microsoft Ventures.

As an inclusive, purpose-driven company we have been dedicated to improving learning for all since our launch in 2013. We are now the go-to game-based learning platform in the U.S. K-12 market, and will reach 33 million MAUs (monthly active unique users) by October 2016.

Kahoot!’s unique brand positioning, being loved by learners and trusted by teachers, is the bedrock for our future growth. We are on a mission to make learning awesome, so it’s essential to have strong partners to enable our ambition of becoming a global leader in learning.

The latest round of funding will support the development of additional game formats, our global team, and new applications for brands, publishers and audiences in the Kahoot! game space.

We have chosen a device agnostic approach and have built our platform as a web service accessed through & We have kept our app offering under the radar, however it is worth mentioning that the Kahoot! Android app has been a serial Top Performing App in Google Play, and our Kahoot! iOS app was secretly released this Monday in response to increasing demand from our users.

The Android App has had millions of installs already, 5 stars from more than 15,000 ratings, Top 5 App US-Education (Family), Top 10 App US-Education (Applications)

As well as the native apps, we can’t wait show off the other things we have been tinkering with! Having such a dedicated and active user base has given us an unprecedented opportunity to really make learning awesome. We’ll be sharing some new developments in the near future.


About Kahoot!
Since our launch in 2013, Kahoot! has turned game-based learning into a pop culture phenomenon. The irreverent game platform now hosts over 30 million MAUs, and a public library of 10 million learning games, created and shared by fans in 180 countries. Kahoot! is on a mission to improve education globally, by unlocking the magic of learning for everyone — of any age, aptitude or circumstance. Let’s play!

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