The unloved prototype app that became a smash hit

Truth be told, the core product offering of Kahoot! hadn’t even exited the prototype stage by the time it had become a smash hit. Planned growth-hacking — with lots of love — had taken us to 20 million unique monthly active users (MAU) before it was v.1.1.

However, the story is a bit different for our Android app, which has been a serial top performing app on Google Play for the last few years. Developed in 2013, while was still in Private Beta, the app was put on Google Play without much afterthought and was even labelled as an experiment. Now, three years later, it’s a great lesson in what is “good enough” to ship, as long as it performs its core objective without errors.

Choosing an inclusive strategy early on meant that being device agnostic was key. Therefore, we built our platform as a web service that is accessed through & We have kept our Android app under the radar, yet most startups would die to have the download and engagement numbers we have on our little unloved experiment. It's been a smash hit.

The Android App has had millions of installs already, 5 stars from more than 15,000 ratings, Top 5 App US-Education (Family), Top 10 App US-Education (Applications)

Note: This week we launched the Kahoot! iOS app similar to the Android offering, but created with much more love. We are committed to developing more bespoke Kahoot! app experiences down the line, so stay tuned and let’s play.

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