Goodbye Leak.

Sébastien Thiriet
Sep 23, 2014 · 3 min read

That was fun. But all good things must come to an end.

In this post, we explained the reasons why we decided to relaunch Leak.
So why shutting down Leak deliberately after only 2 weeks? It’s been a tough decision and something we’ve thought long and hard about.

Here are the reasons we made such a decision:

Enthusiasm around the service seems to have dropped

We gave figures when they were good, so let’s continue to be totally transparent: when we closed the service for technical reasons one month ago, we sent 20 000 leaks/day, with a growth rate of 100%/day.

The first day of the relaunch, we divided this number by 10. Fair enough, we knew that after one month offline, we would not restart the service with the same traction. But since then, number of leaks sent kept decreasing to finally remain stable on a level of 500 leaks a day.
It’s not that bad when you think about it. And we could perfectly continue to run the service and make it grow slowly and naturally by investing time and money on it.

Actually our main problem is elsewhere…

Leak was on a path that didn’t fit our vision

When we launched Leak we clearly wanted to make a positive and fun anonymous service, used for “good”. We make this crystal clear in our Dos and Don’ts and we reiterated this will on every occasions we had.

At the launch, we were amazed by the fact that 99% of leakers had perfectly understood the philosophy behind Leak. At that time, the overwhelming majority of leaks sent were private jokes, dating related messages or positive truths refraining from malice, aggression and harm.
Now that the buzz toward Leak is behind us, that you guys moved on, it seems that people who use Leak for bad reasons have become increasingly more significant. And this is definitely not what we want for Leak.

Of course, we’re not naïve and we were aware of this risk, which is not exclusive to Leak but concerns all anonymous applications (Secret, Whisper…). We, with other guys who proposed their help, were working on finding technical solutions to prevent this happening.
But it seems that moderation is not very easy to handle without human reviews if we want to preserve the freedom of speech that gives to Leak all its freshness and spontaneity. Money and time investments that this would require do not comply with our personal situations, especially since Leak was a non-funded side-project for Laurent and I.

In short: we prefer by far shutting down Leak than seeing this service be damaged by people who do not respect what it was made for…

To all our users and supporters out there, we’d like to say thank you for all your encouragement and love for Leak over the past month.

The Leak team

PS: you can still contact us by dropping an email to “ team [at] “

Thanks to Dunja Lazic for providing feedbacks on this post.

    Sébastien Thiriet

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    @justleakit co-founder

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