What is Lift?

This is embarrassing.

I have a really hard time with the first sentence of my description of Lift. Everything I try either sounds too bland or too abstract. I’m a little bit better if I have a paragraph.

Lift is a social support network for habits and goals. It uses persuasive mechanics, social mechanics, coaching, data, feedback loops, and community to make it easier for people to be awesome.

I’m definitely most confident if I’m talking to a fellow behavior designer.

Lift is a scaffolding system for achieving goals. We reframe goals as habits, reflect your progress back to you through measurement, and then boost your motivation and ability through social support.

But the more common case is when I’m making small talk, for instance today the Sidecar driver taking me to the airport asked what I do for work.

Maybe the problem is that I want to jump to the what before explaining the why.

Have you ever had a goal that you had trouble achieving? Lift is a universal support system. We help you break it down and then our community gives you tips and holds you accountable.

I just hate answering a question with a question. In which case, I want a phrase that describes Lift in terms of the why. Lift is an app for…

  • self-improvement.
  • achieving goals.
  • self-help.
  • health, fitness and productivity.

Now, what is TechCrunch going to say in their headline? Last time they called Lift a goal-tracking app. If we went with one of the above we’d tell them we were working on the ultimate self-improvement app.

That’s actually true. The Lift support system is pretty powerful, probably the strongest ever to be packaged into an app. Plus, and this is what qualifies us for ultimate status, it also happens to work for any goal.

I’m imagining saying to my Sidecar driver, “We’re trying to build the ultimate self-improvement app.”

That would spark a conversation.

Habit vs. Goal

I still imagine some people trying to create a category for us. In that case, I prefer social goal tracking.

We used to say that we were building a habit tracker, but that sounds like two chores, habits and tracking.

Frankly, neither habit nor goal are strictly accurate. When you track exercise in Lift you’re tracking a range of behaviors, none of which are automatic habits unless you’re doing the same exercise after the same trigger every day.

But each of these “habits” that you track in Lift is progress toward an unstated goal. That’s why I think of Lift in terms of goal tracking.

I could be debated out of this, potentially.

Some other phrases just for brainstorming

  1. a goal tracker
  2. willpower replacement
  3. a habit tracker with social support
  4. your personal coach
  5. your life coach
  6. support for behavior change
  7. a cheerleader for your goals
  8. foursquare for goals
  9. foursquare for habits
  10. a success multiplier
  11. a personal development coach
  12. the ultimate self-help tool
  13. an app to manipulate you for good
  14. a social support network for habits and goals
  15. a persuasion machine for goals
  16. personal potential multiplier
  17. a self-improvement community
  18. a positive reinforcement coach
  19. personal trainer for any goal
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