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Exploring the future of Lingumi’s educational experiences in our Q4 Hackathon

We recently ran a hackathon for our tech teams based in Singapore and London where our developers teamed up to push the boundaries of our tech stack & explore some exciting new feature ideas to take Lingumi’s mobile-app to the next level!

The theme of this hackathon was “How could we build the future of Lingumi educational experiences?”. To start the day with a creative boost, our product team put together an introductory video showcasing a bunch of fun ideas — from creating a more engaging experience for our users (the kids!) with classmates to turbocharge some of our speech recognition tools.

With our team all working remotely, we broke out into teams & kept a voice call open with each other to bounce our ideas, problems, and general thoughts around — taking a break in the middle of the day to order a Deliveroo lunch with each other.

Each team took on a different idea — with some really amazing results that we shared too much excitement in Lingumi’s weekly company meeting & with our wider Lingumi community 🎉

Jason & Remy set about decreasing the time it takes to analyse a child’s pronunciation of certain words — achieving almost instant feedback to the user on some mobile devices!

Adding some fun into our video recording moments in the app was Mayank & Ho, who explored how we can harness face-detection to add fun face filters.

Rosie & Owen took on the challenge of adding classmates (Peek & Boo) into the app, using text to speech to allow the “classmates” to join in with the lesson — boosting the child’s confidence with the word they’re trying to say and make them feel like they’re learning alongside others.

Building upon our existing exercises where a child is asked to pair a word with a picture was Miles & Louisa, who added augmented reality into the mix — prompting users to look around their rooms to find the right picture to pair with.

Whilst unfortunately nothing is production-ready, we can’t wait to build upon what we’ve started & try out even more ideas in our next hackathon!

P.s — We’re on the lookout for Full Stack Developers to join our tech team in London 👀



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