A brand new, more secure iNewsletter is here

Here at Naavi we’ve been working hard to make school newsletters even better. Today we’re introducing a big update to iNewsletter to make the newsletter experience even better.


The first and most obvious change is a new website. We’ve carefully thought about the best way to show off our product and the results speak for themselves:

As you scroll down, you’ll see live examples of real school newsletters, which you can click through to view.

We’ve overhauled the sign up process, making it a lot simpler than it was before. Simply start typing you school/organisation name, and the details will autocomplete. Sign up with Google or Email and you can start creating straight away.


We’ve created a video which outlines how the platform works and how to get started, all within 10 minutes. Check it out:


We now have completely transparent pricing on the website, making it easy to see how much iNewsletter is going to cost, and better plan student population change. We’ve also introduced formal pricing for businesses and not-for-profit associations.

Plus lots more in-app

Other than the website changes, we’ve fixed a lot of bugs and completely overhauled the backend of the app making your data a lot more secure. More updates will be coming over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Let us know what you think of the changes.

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